George Soros Call On Angela Merkel To Take Action

George Soros has spoken extensively with the media over the current migrant crisis that is enveloping Europe. Soros fears that the entire European Union may collapse due to the crisis. He is calling on German Chancellor Angela Merkel to do something to fix the problem. Likely, Merkel is the only one who is able to deal with the situation since she wields so much power both in her own country and with other members of the EU.

Soros points out that the civil war that is tearing apart Syria is the obvious reason why so many migrants and refugees are flooding into Europe. Merkel’s open immigration policy has made Germany the destination for so many of these people traveling from Syria and surrounding regions. Soros has declared that the lack of a clear asylum policy has led to the situation spiraling out of control and into a crisis. Unless Merkel decides to develop a coherent and logical asylum policy, things are not going to improve. The European Union could end up facing an inglorious collapse.

In an interview published on FX Street, Soros was quick to suggest a policy of open travel between borders is vital to the stability of an economy. Open immigration brings with it a close cousin: the open transportation of money. People bring money with them when they cross the various borders of the EU. Economies and financial markets do require an infusion of capital to thrive. Actually, they need the capital in order to survive.

The migrant crisis has led to the German public starting to turn away from policies related to open borders. This, in turn, has an influence on politicians and election results. Soros is imploring Merkel to do what is necessary to address the crisis and do so effectively. Ineffectual approaches to the crisis has led to the problems Germany and the European Union are currently facing.

The opinions of George Soros carry a lot of weight in financial and political circles. Soros earned a fortune through his very successful financial dealings. His philanthropy work and promotion of progressive causes have further established his name and credibility in the eyes of many.

Whether or not Angela Merkel chooses to take the advice of Soros will be revealed in time. For the sake of the European Union, someone does have to take the reigns and straighten out the crisis. If not, then the crisis is going to expand until it creates more misery.

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