Understanding How Medicare Advantage Plans Work

Medicare Advantage Plans (MAPs) cover all services that are under the coverage of original Medical covers with the exception of hospice care. However, these plans may offer some extra care for dental, vision as well as health and wellness cover. Medicare Advantage Plans are often underlined by a federal government. Under the plan, each member is covered up to a certain fixed amount.

Medicare Advantage Plan may be in the form of Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) and Private Fee-For-Service (PFFS). Furthermore, the Medicare Advantage Plan is also commonly referred to as Provider Sponsored Organizations (PSOs), Medicare Medical Savings Account (MSAs) and Special Needs Plans (SNPs).

Those who enroll in the Medicare Advantage Plan are still required to keep paying their Part B (or A) premium because they still have Medicare. Each MAP provides Part A or B services that are offered by Original Medicare. The difference is that, the plan may be subject to different rules, restrictions and costs; therefore, affects when and how one receives care.

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All MAPs have a limit on the total out-of-pocket amount that an individual can spend on their care. In addition, they cannot include cost-sharing benefits plans whose amounts are higher than what would have already been covered under an Original Medicare plan for specific services like dialysis and chemotherapy. However, they have some additional benefits like dental care. It is important to always check the rules governing one’s specific Medicare Advantage Plan. It is important to consult wisely before making major decisions like switching plans.

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InnovaCare Inc.
InnovaCare Health is health services provider operating in the Northern American market. The leading healthcare provider concentrates on two primary avenues of healthcare – Medicare Advantage and Provider Networks. The firm is committed to the provision of quality services through the creation of models that are cost-effective, fully integrated with latest technologies and sustainable.

Medicare believes that patients come first and is committed to offering quality care services to everybody. By cultivating strong provider-patient relationships, InnovaCare Health ensures healthier outcomes and excellent quality of life. The firm also relies on quality leadership to drive organizational growth and achieve objectives.

The firm’s president and CEO is Dr. Rick Shinto. He has over 20 years of experience in clinical medicine and operational healthcare. From 2008 up to 2012, Dr. Shinto served as the CEO of Aveta Inc. Today, he continues to head InnovaCare’s health plans within the territory of Puerto Rico. Dr. Shinto has authored several articles on clinical medicine and healthcare. Penelope Kokkinides serves as InnovaCare’s Chief Administrative Officer. She joined the healthcare company in 2015 after previously working as a COO at Aveta Inc. She has over two decades of healthcare management experience with a special focus on government programs.

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