Athleisure Trend improving sales for the Fabletics Company

I just can’t get enough of Fabletics. I have numerous pairs of the brands colorful and fashionable leggings. I love, love, love the brand’s mesh cutout shirt or tees with little cutouts. The Fabletics dresses and skirts I own are a perfect blend of dressy and comfortable since they are made of the same material as the Fabletics leggings and tops. The Fabletics wear I own are perhaps the most comfortable pieces of clothing I own. Thanks to the rise of the fashion trend of athleisure wear I can add some of my Fabletics wear to my workout and work outfits.

Fabletics sells online and in a few brick and mortar stores they have opened up in the last few years. When you buy things from one of the Fabletics stores you have the option to shop as a guest shopper or as a VIP member. If you get the VIP membership you get a discount on everything sold by Fabletics for a small membership cost each month that automatically is charged to your credit card account. If you want to be a VIP member and want to skip a month charge you can do it by logging into your Fabletics account and marking that you want to skip the membership charge for the month because you don’t want to shop that particular month.

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The athleisure trend has really made Fabletics as successful as it has been. Athleisure is a trend where people dress in fitness wear or add some fitness wear to regular or professional clothing on In this way they can wear their athletic wear wherever they want to. Some work places are accepting this trend because it allows their employees to be more comfortable and therefore more interested in getting their work done than in how uncomfortable their attire feels. The Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t technically wear athleisure wear to work, but he does wear sneakers every single day with a pair of dark wash jeans and a grey or navy tee or long sleeve shirt. Many others on staff at Facebook also dress in a mixture of casual but clean and professional looking clothing.

The co-founder of Fabletics Adam Goldenberg says that the reason the Fabletics brand is doing so well is because of the quality clothing they sell that is for half the price that Lululemon and other athletic wear sells their clothing for. They were largely able to do this since they started off as a online store only. This cut the cost of building stores or renting out spaces or paying retail employees. They were able to grow into opening a few physical locations since they made the smart decision to start as an online business.

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