Commitment and Employee Motivation Keeps Cotemar at the Top of the Mexican Energy Sector

Cotemar is a Mexican company that specializes in providing services to the oil industry. The firm’s core services include renovation, maintenance, construction and modernization of offshore rigs, provide support to maritime operations and provide accommodation and catering services for offshore oilfield development.


History of Cotemar


The firm was founded in 1979to service the oil sector. With proper management and an excellent team of employees, the company has grown to become the leading service provider in the oil and gas industry. In 1979, the firm started with the aim of providing services to two departments; accommodation and catering and specialized vessels in the Campeche Bay. In the same year, the company acquired the first vessels specialized in dive, maintenance, and personnel transport.


Moving into the 1980s, the company added more fleet to strengthen its position in the industry. In 1985 Cotemar acquired its first rig for providing catering and accommodation services. 1988 was significant for the firm as it acquired more specialized personnel transport vessels and added another segment in their service charter, construction, and maintenance. By 1996, the conglomerate had increased its market with five rigs and three specialized vessels.


In the 21st century, the firm constructed two semi-submersible rigs with maintenance vessels to transport solid and liquid materials and specialized cranes were added to their fleet. By 2013, the Cotemar began construction on Atlantis. In 2015, the firm ventured the onshore upstream sector following the arrival of the Cosco built semi-submersible rigs. In 2016, an affiliate company of Cotemar wins a contract from the state of Veracruz, Mexico.


Cotemar’s Core Values


For a company to achieve its organizational goals, it has to live by its institutional values. Cotemar is no different. The firm has established four core values that form the basis of all activities. These values include integrity, innovation, humility, and reliability. These values ensure that the firm act in a consistent, honest, and ethically to offer reliable services to their clients. Humility helps the company to learn and improve while innovation helps the organization to generate a variety of sustainable objectives.


Working for Cotemar


Working for Cotemar can be one of the fascinating experiences. The firm highly values their employees, and they strive to ensure that they strengthen their skills with the aim of enhancing daily performance and safety. Cotemar has also partnered with various top ranked international organizations to offer training and development training to their employees. Potential employees are also supported at Cotemar through internships.

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