The New Hair Dye From Lime Crime

Lime Crime has been creating new products over the years and adding new makeup to their line. They are always trying to stay a step ahead of their competitors and also give their fans the best new makeup on the market today. The reason why this brand is so successful is the fact that they have been trying to come up with new things to help benefit their biggest supporters who buy their products. Doe Deere wanted to come up with a new way to give her fans something new to work with, and this is when she came up with the idea to craft brand new hair dye. These hair dye products are great because they give you a great new color for a short period while being able to stay on for quite awhile.


The entire brand is called Unicorn Hair Dye, mainly because just like the overall makeup line, you have so many different bright colors to choose from that can help you just go wild. It’s such a great product and can be so much fun to play around with because you have more than 10+ different shades to choose from. The colors are very bold and unique, and they all can give you that special look you’ve been looking for. The Brandis highly respected because the product is easy to use, very vegan and healthy, and totally good for the hair and lasts for just a good amount of time. It does not bother the quality of your hair in any way, and it’s definitely one of the best out there.


Lime Crime is such a well respected brand that is totally worth buying anything that they have because they always provide exceptional products and service. Their customer service team is always on the dot. Doe Deere prides herself being the founder of this company that was once just beginning on eBay selling mainly DIY fashion products. Today, the brand is huge and raking in all the respect all over the web and throughout local stores across California. Join the fun and get a piece of their products.

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