How Sussex HealthCare Audiology Has Improved The Lives Of People With Hearing Problems

Sussex Healthcare Audiology is a company located in Surrey, Sussex, and Berkshire. It is a company that deals with providing aging people with hearing loss. They fit hearing aids and give aftercare to the patients once they get hearing aids. Sussex Healthcare Audiology also supports consultant-led ENT clinics are various areas of the country.

Since it was launched, Sussex Healthcare Audiology has been committed to offering the best clinical care to all patients who seek their help. Their professional and ethical standards are top class. Their audiologists are thoroughly trained and they engage in an annual programme that allows them to continue training and development for more skills and experience.

Sussex Healthcare Audiology has a clinical governance framework that is wide. It includes auditing of infection control, the safety of patients and staff in the institution and risk management. Sussex Healthcare Audiology ensures that all company policies and procedures are adhered to by creating awareness of what is expected. The company has been registered with Care Quality Commission, which also regulates its performance.

United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) accredited Sussex Healthcare Audiology. This is a requirement by the IQIPS Standard. Patients undergoing diagnostic tests enjoy high-quality services, safety and care courtesy of UKAS with a license from The Royal College of Physicians. Sussex Healthcare Audiology is among the few accredited audiology companies in the UK, which indicate their high level of professionalism.

This company has submitted to the National Good Practice Guide. Due to this, it offers aftercare to all the patients who seek treatment through them and allow re-assessments every three years. This is a great offer that any patient would appreciate and Sussex Healthcare Audiology is the best institution to seek help.

All the employees working with Sussex Healthcare Audiology are well qualified and their experience is undoubted. The professionals in the health sector are registered with the relevant bodies governing that sector. Sussex Healthcare Audiology offers guidelines on how the employees should serve the patients and how they should relate to each other. This has enabled them to satisfy expectations of their clients and the regulatory bodies.

Sussex Healthcare’s New Facility Is As Amazing As Its Quality Of Care

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