Life Changing Messages Offered To The Masses By Vijay Eswaran

The key to the success of the network marketing company the QI Group’s co-founder and chairman Vijay Eswaran has as much do with his business and personal philosophy as his business strategy. Eswaran believes that with the right mindset, a good work ethic and a well thought out plan it is possible to accomplish anything. He has demonstrated that with his ability to work picking grapes, driving a cab and as a laborer while earning his socioeconomics degree at the London School of Economics. He showed the power of that philosophy again when he built the QI Group into a success.

Eswaran faced long odds in 1998 when he started the company. Asia was in dire economics straits and people were struggling. But Eswaran was able to get his independent marketing representatives to share the mindset that they would be successful no matter the challenges they face. He outlined an effective plan and got his staff to commit to do their best. As a result, the QI Group ended up earning hundreds of millions of dollars a year even while people in many parts of Asia were facing tough times.

The mindset that led Vijay Eswaran and his team to prosperity against all odds is outlined in the books and articles he has written. He also constantly shares it in the powerful motivational speeches he gives at training sessions with workers, economic conventions and to gatherings of college students. The message is if one believes in what they are doing, has a sense of urgency in their actions and is willing to make the necessary changes in their thoughts and actions that leads to success.

In his articles Two Minutes From The Abyss, 3 Ways Fear Drives Success, The Stages Of Change and the 5 Cs Of Servant Leadership, Vijay Eswaran discusses how to use fear as a motivational tool to make positive changes in your life. Being driven by noble goals empowers and emboldens people and leads to success, Eswaran explains. He has shared these powerful messages will millions of people and have helped them to improve their lives.

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