Adam Milstein Talks About Israel 70th Birthday Celebrations in America

Adam Milstein is one of the leading philanthropists from Israel. He is determined to help and empower Jews. He lives in America and was pleased to see Jews, and Americans celebrate Israel’s 70th birthday on 14th May. In every city the celebration was exceptional, and Adam Milstein was pleased to see how Americans valued Israel. The two nations enjoy a good relationship which started long ago during the times of President John Adams. Adams once wrote that the Jews are the most glorious nation on earth meaning he valued them.

Adam Milstein has been on the front line helping the Jewish community in the USA and Israel. He has participated in many philanthropic missions. He founded a family foundation that helps organizations that help in Jewish community empowerment. Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation is the name of the organization which supports many organizations with the interest of Jews at heart. On top of that, he is a successful investor in the real estate sector; in charge of financing and property management at Hager Pacific Properties as a managing partner.

It was unbelievable how Americans joined Israel in her 70th birthday celebrations. Adam Milstein is confident that one of the reasons that made the celebrations more unique is that both nations have come from far. The two nations have succeeded by empowering their citizens and encouraging hard work and determination.

The USA and Israel are working hard to help the world. Israel has worked hard to bring innovations to countries like Nepal, Syria, Mexico, Haiti and Sierra Leone. Also, the USA has worked hard over the years to spread democracy and bring life-changing inventions to countries across the world. The two nations enjoy cultural diversity. Being home to immigrants, the USA enjoys different cultures from different parts of the world which is also the case for Israel. For these and many other reasons, Adam Milstein is sure that the Americans joined Israel citizens and the Jewish community in the celebrations to honor Israel’s strong alliance and shared values with America.

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