Invest early, take risks and grow your own savings with Chris Linkas


If you could relive your 20’s what would you do? Invest! Veteran’s United lays out in an article titled 5 Reason to Start Investing Early.

Chris Linkas explains how time is on your side when making high risk investments at an early age. If an investment goes bad your time and energy will rebound those loses quickly.

If you are not a huge risk taker then using this time to take advantage of compounding interest in your 401k in a smart move. Consistently piling your discretionary income before you move into family life with other important expenses will set you up with a more financially sound retirement.

Speaking of discretionary income, find more of it by improving your spending habits. Reducing your spending and crafting a budget will allow more funds for investing ( Young people are generally not making huge amounts of money and so it is important to grow savings passively.

Start investing as early. You will be more comfortable retiring than most others you know.

Military members are encouraged take full advantage of their retirement plans for a better quality of life.

How does one at an early age develop an investing mindset? Look to Chris Linkas. Chris Linkas encourages young people to start investing for the benefits of these 5 reasons. He is a financial expert and founder of a successful UK investment group. His group specializes in principle investments in an opportunistic nature. He explains to young people that they are in a time where they can best take advantage of compound interest, risk, investment mistakes, new investing technologies and education in stocks and bonds. He encourages young investors to figure out how to generate their own income while most young students focus on getting a college degree. For those with an entrepreneurial spirit Chris Linkas advises to stay connected in business, reach out to people, be open minded to new ideas and follow a passion.

Overall, investing at an early age will set you up for a successful lifestyle as life goes on emphasized by Chris Linkas. Don’t forget to live life and have fun along the way!

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