Dr. Mark Mckenna’s New Approach to Cosmetic Treatment

Mark Mckenna’s brand new cosmetic service boutique, which was launched in March 2018 is revolutionizing the cosmetic world. Most people wish to change certain aspects of themselves, be it a blemish, aging signs, a scar, or so forth. Under normal circumstances, people go to see a doctor for such treatments. Many patients are, however, never comfortable in such environments. It is for this reason that Dr. Mark Mckenna decided to create his innovation, OVME, a venture that aims at offering a warm and welcoming environment for cosmetic patients.

OVME will offer various cosmetic services including dermal fillers, vivace micro needling, botox injections, and testosterone and hair loss solutions for men. The boutique will give all patients attention and make them feel special and comfortable. All the procedures at will be minimally invasive, meaning patients won’t have to stay overnight for regular checks. Dr. Mark McKenna compares it as to going to the spa for a massage or a pedicure and leaving when you’re all done. The treatments are of high quality, which ensures all patients are satisfied with their results.

The boutique has the best aesthetic treatments and state of the art technology. OVME has also handpicked some of the best professionals in the field to closely work with clients and give them the results they seek. Patients will also have the comfort of getting these treatments in a superior facility with four separate private treatment rooms. For clients who wouldn’t want to go to the boutique, OVME offers certain produres in the comfort of their homes.

Growing up, Dr. Mark Mckenna knew his father’s generation accumulated wealth through medical jobs. He, however, realized that the medical industry had changed while in medical school. While at the Tulane University Medical School, Dr. Mark Mckenna began doing health checks at the local prison. This enabled him to get capital to start his first viable business. His team at OVME focuses on overall wellness, the body, face and specific treatments for men. With this detailed program, clients are sure to identify the specific procedures they need. His vision is to set up an application that will help clients communicate easily with their consultants.


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