Ted Bauman career journey

Ted Bauman, is a writer at Banyan Hill Publishing, he joined the company in 2013 and is tasked with publishing articles about asset protection and low-risk investment opportunities. Before joining Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted worked in South Africa as a fund manager in a housing project for low-income earners.

Apart from working as a fund manager, Ted has also been published in several magazines and blogs. Such as Cape Times, Cape Argus and journal of microfinance to mention a few. Ted has also co-authored a book Where to Stash Your Cash (legally).

Ted Bauman’s journey has not been a walk in the park. Ted worked in a gas station, Burger King and McDonald’s. Working in these places taught him to appreciate people from walks of life. He learned that it was important to appreciate those working hard to ensure ends meet. Ted also learned that everyone plays a part in building the country’s economy and respect is of great importance.

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Ted Bauman’s career as a writer.

Writing is one of Ted’s strength, and this is evident from his content, Ted is able to capture the reader’s attention by making the articles interesting and relatable. In his recent June article. Ted Bauman gives his readers tips on how to protect their wealth.

Most households have valuables lying around. It may be metals, gems or even cash. Materials with monetary value need to be protected from disasters or even thieves. According to Bauman, it is crucial to put in place measures that ensure in case of disasters or burglary; the valuable assets remain safe. View Ted’s profile on Linkedin.

Some of the options Ted Bauman recommends are;

A home lockbox, consider ordering a home safe that is both fireproof and waterproof. The good thing about the home safe is that they can be easily accessed in case of emergencies. You can order a customized safe that will suit your needs and help store your valuables.

Another suggestion Ted Bauman offers is a safe deposit box in a bank, locally and in another country, a safe box in a local bank will help you protect your liquid assets. According to Ted, it is wise to store your wealth in different places this offers more security and thus the safe deposit box in another country. Read more about Ted on Bloomberg.

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