All About Ryan Seacrest

American Idol series is returning in television starting in 2018 spring at ABC. It will be its first season. The host of this iconic music competition will be Ryan Seacrest. He is a creative entrepreneur who has held dominant positions as being a producer and a host in local radio and national syndicate, as well as cable television and broadcast. Ryan Seacrest, in his career, he has been winning awards due to his efforts.

In his life, Ryan Seacrest has involved himself in many entertainment and media companies due to his interest in entrepreneurship. He is a philanthropist, and who has dedicated his efforts on initiatives related to the youth that have a significant national impact.

While at the radio, Ryan Seacrest hosts “On Air” which is a national syndicate in Los Angeles. It is a morning time show in iHeartMedia KIIS-FM, which is among the top 40 in the radio shows. He is also an executive producer and co-host at Disney/ABC which is a syndicated talk show that is held in the morning together with Kelly. Besides, Ryan Seacrest host ABC’s program about New Year’s Eve that host yearly where he also serves as an executive producer.

He also owns an entertainment producing company known as Ryan Seacrest Productions. This company has been able to win an Emmy Award. The company produces a hit E! spinoffs of keeping up series with the Kardashians, as well as awards at Red Carpet Shows, Best Cover Ever in, and Love Kellie Pickler. Ryan Seacrest Production produces a drama series called Shades of Blue. It is an NBC that stars Jennifer Lopez.

Ryan Seacrest enterprise lifestyle is burgeoning that includes, Ryan Seacrest Distinction and Menswear collection that exclusively sell at Macy’s. He has also partnered with a dermatologist known as Doctor Harold Lancer in Men’s Skincare line. Besides, Ryan Seacrest has been having a standing relationship for a long time with Ford and Coca-cola blue-chip brands. Ryan also makes sure to takes care of his physical well-being thru his workout routine.

His efforts as a philanthropist make Ryan Seacrest serve as the chairman of his organization Ryan Seacrest Foundation. It has managed to open other broadcast media centers under Seacrest studios which are in pediatric hospitals located in the country’s city. He is the man serving at LACMA on the board and Grammy Foundation Chairman.

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The Contributions of Peter Briger in the Lending Business

Peter Briger is the co-chairman and principal of the Fortress Investment Group’s board of directors. He was a member of the board since November 2006. In August 2009, he was elected its co-chairman. Besides, he held various roles where he served in the management committee since 2002. While at Fortress Company, he was in charge of the Real Estate business and the credit services. Before Peter Briger joined Fortress in 2002, he worked at Goldman, Sachs’ and company for fifteen years. Later in 1996, he became its partner. He works on the board that deals with the tipping point. Despite its low-profit nature, it serves small income families in San Francisco.

Peter Briger is a member of the board of the Caliber Schools. They enhance success in schools by providing a competitive four-year college among the students. He studied at Princeton University where he obtained Bachelors in Business Administration. Further, Peter Briger obtained his Master’s degree in the same field at Wharton School of Business. It is located at the University of Pennsylvania. Fortress Investment Group is set to establish itself in the corporate lending. Close sources state that it aims to raise funds while at Softbank investments’ ownership. Its first fund requires two billion dollars. The amount will be used in direct lending.

The firm is based in New York, and it targets five billion dollars for its fifth fund. It will then be used for flagship opportunities. The company was the first private equity firm to be delisted with 3.3 billion dollar sale. It required the conglomerate of Japanese professional to regulate the company’s transactions. During its recent board meeting, Drew McKnight and Josh Pack were promoted to be the managing directors in the credit category. They would work closely with Peter Briger who is the company’s executive officer. The direct lending fund positions the company in the same category with other lending organizations. They include Ares Management LP, HPS Investment Partners LLC, and Tennenbaum Capital Partners LLC. Asset managers have a high chance of lending income because banks contain a long process. The special opportunities fund will supplement banks with the direct lending strategy. Meet Pete Briger: A Titan in the Investment and Finance World

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Vinod Gupta: Closing the Gender Gap in India

Vinod Gupta grew up in India under meager circumstances; however, it was his childhood experiences that lead him to the success that he sees today. The village where Gupta grew up lacked many of the basic necessities many people enjoy today, for example, running water and proper electricity. Vinod Gupta learned early on that the best way to better his circumstance was to become educated. After completing his village school, Gupta went on to study agricultural engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology; after which he migrated to the United States and received his master’s degree at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.

Once he graduated, he took a position with Commodore Corporation as a marketing research analyst. Part of his responsibilities included compiling a list of all mobile home dealers in the United States, this list was to be used for the solicitation of manufactured products. Gupta quickly learned that this was going to be a time-consuming task. However, after countless hours and research his list was compiled. Luckily, Gupta had that where-with-all to understand that this list would be of great value to businesses, thus causing him to parlay it into a nationwide service-based product and with that was the creation of American Business Information in 1972.

Initially, Vinod Gupta made a scanty $100 investment to get his company running. In just 20 years-time, the company was worth $500 million. In 2010, Vinod Gupta sold the company for roughly $680 million.

Now days, Gupta works as a managing general partner for Everest Group and is deeply dedicated to philanthropy work. While he works with a number of organizations, his primary focus is on education. Among other avenues, he has helped build a number of schools throughout India. One such school was right in his hometown of Rampur Maniharan, where he donated $1 million to aid in the building and development of Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic School. This school is dedicated to the post-graduate education of women. They offer numerous areas of study which include computer applications, information technology, textile design, and web design. Additionally, Gupta has provided funds that were dedicated to providing text books, school buses, and other supplies need to ensure a quality education.

Throughout India’s history, women have not been afforded the same educational opportunities as the men. However, it is Gupta’s goal to close this gender gap which will effectively create more gender equality within the country.

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Jeff Herman, the Voice of Sexual Crime Victims

Where cases of sexual exploitation of children occur in institutions, they are typically considered isolated events of bad behavior. The focus is projected on the perpetrator and the institutions that allowed this to happen under their nose by being negligent go scot-free. For example, parents trust schools to watch over their children while they are there; not only to teach but to protect! So, who is to blame when a child gets hurt within those four walls? Is it just the offender or both them and the institution?

Background Information

Jeff Herman is a nationally renowned sexual crimes advocate. He achieved his Juris Doctorate from the School of Law at Case Western Reserve University. He fights for the justice of rape, sexual abuse, sexual molestation and sexual exploitation survivors. Over the past twenty years, Herman has spoken for over 1,000 men, women, and children.

Becoming a Sexual Abuse Litigator

Jeff Herman was a commercial litigator before he changed paths and dived into sex crimes. All this happened when a mother to a 4-year-old autistic boy was referred to him. The mother suspected her son had been sexually abused when he narrated what had been going on at school. Herman took the matter into his own hands and investigated. He realized that the boy had indeed been abused and he was not the only victim. The perpetrator was an out-of-state convicted pedophile who was looking for new victims. Moreover, the school had not conducted a proper background check before hiring; most schools did not either. Jeff decided to hold all persons accountable, and since then he has devoted himself to that cause.

Herman Law

Jeff Herman started Herman Law in 2009. Herman Law is exceptionally committed to its clients that it provides free consultations and only collects its fees once the client has won the case. As of now, the firm is working on pro bono cases and educating the society on the prevention of possible abuse, screening for violence, and talking with the victims of sexual exploitation. The company also has an investigation section that includes law enforcement officials who help decipher cases together with Jeff Herman.

The Outline

Jeff Herman together with Herman Law has committed 100% of their time and resources to speak for the victims of sexual exploitation and abuse, and they are committed to providing quality services to their clients.

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Surf Air Recommends: Here’s What You Need To Know

For a jet company like Surf Air, making recommendations on where to fly is what we are known for — and we take pride in doing it well. We provide an option of paying monthly as part of our private jet service, which is convenient for those who frequently take short flights between cities in California, Nevada or cities in Texas. Whether your choice is a jet flight from Brussels, Belgium to Luxembourg. Or you are planning a short, two-hour flight from Geneva, Switzerland to Milan, Italy, Surf Air handles covers your European flight needs. And we are also planning to expand our Surf Air services to Dublin, London, Frankfurt, and also Amsterdam.

While the news of an expansion to many more cities is exciting for Surf Air, we strive to bring you many ideas on where to “jet-set” to enjoy new locales that include our flight path on a weekly basis. With Surf Air recommends, we highlight destinations that have quite a lot to offer. We realize that for people that are busy with meeting clients, customers, or even stakeholders as part of one’s business it may be hard to pinpoint all the best places in California, Texas, and Europe to seize that weekend and take your mind off the work life for a short period. That’s why we created Surf Air Recommends.

Our recommendations are excellent every week so that you can make that weekend quite a fabulous one! Whether it is a 3-day Napa Valley Wine tour that starts with a flight from Oakland, Surf Air Recommends has ideas you will be very interested in reading about. We’ll drop some lovely ideas about Surf Air-approved dining, activities, entertainment, lodging, and more to help you enjoy that perfect weekend without the hassle of stressful research or planning.


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End Citizens United: Fighting with Support of Grassroots Efforts

The political landscape in America is becoming more turbulent as time passes. Although a lot of people will attribute to differences in opinions there is far more contributing to the dissatisfaction of your average American. A lot of this dissatisfaction among Americans can be attributed to their feelings of being unheard by their representatives. Naturally, in a democracy, everyone cannot expect policy to go as they would prefer but dissatisfaction numbers have climbed to concerning numbers. Despite the fact that every American is entitled to a vote towards representatives that they prefer many feel that they lack any real choice. One of the issues causing such unhappiness is the obvious disproportional influence that rich Americans have over politics in America.

This issue has only been exasperated by controversial rulings by the Supreme Court. The most controversial of these rulings came in 2010 win the Supreme Court heard the case of Citizens United versus FEC. In this case, the Supreme Court came to the conclusion that speech and financial contributions amounted to the same thing. In layman’s terms, this meant that wealthy Americans are allowed to contribute as much money as they like to political representatives of their choice. Such a ruling gives wealthy Americans exceptional influence over politicians and the policies they vote for. With rulings like this in place, the access that poorer Americans have to do their politicians is completely dwarfed. Overall, this is a policy that favors those of the minority over the majority.

This ruling inspired the establishment of the political organization end Citizens United. This organization has made it their mission to not only counteract the issues created by this ruling but to ultimately have the ruling overturned. End Citizens United believes that the ruling is encouraging the corruption of public officials who now find it easier than ever to sell their vote. End Citizens United is passionate about leveling the playing field for honest politicians. End Citizens United intends to do so by raising money and an ethical grassroots effort that they contribute to the campaigns of politicians who reject and vote against the contribution of corrupting money.

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Herbalife Nutrition and Jonathan dos Santos are Increasing Nutritional Habits

Herbalife Nutrition is a global distributor of nutritional products and programs that they continue to create ever since their founding in 1980. Herbalife remains a modern corporate example of how nutrition can positively affect the daily lives of individuals. Herbalife Nutrition focuses on improving unhealthy nutritional habits, changing the way we view obesity, and addressing aging health problems.

Succinct science-based principles and medical research is the foundation for the popularity of Herbalife Nutrition products. Due to Herbalife’s principles, the company signed the popular athlete soccer player Jonathan dos Santos Ramírez to a sponsorship deal that will take him through the Major League Soccer 2021 season. Mr. Santos is a midfielder for the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team as well as a member of the Mexican National Soccer Team.

Herbalife Nutrition approached Mr. Santos because this amazing athlete was already using Herbalife Nutrition products. Jonathan dos Santos was fixing his favorite ‘Banana Sunrise’ shake each morning from the Herbalife 24 Rebuild Strength formula. As a pro athlete, Jonathan has always believed in a well-balanced nutritional life due to his pro-athlete status.

As a sports sponsor and partner of Herbalife Nutrition, Jonathan dos Santos will represent the company in promoting nutrition and fitness for individuals of all ages. Mr. Santos will sponsor the many nutritional products offered by Herbalife Nutrition.

Herbalife Nutrition emphasizes its products healthy fueling properties during sports performances to help athletes enhance their athletic performance. Jonathan will also represent Herbalife Nutrition at the company’s sponsored community projects, educational events, and all the marketing promotions for the company.

The corporate image of Herbalife Nutrition is noted by their sponsorship of top athletes, international sports teams, and global sporting events. Herbalife Nutrition’s corporate responsibilities are achieved through the company’s supports of their Herbalife Family Foundation. Herbalife is also very active in programs to give children better nutritional habits through their support of Casa Herbalife.

Jonathan dos Santos was born in Monterrey Mexico in 1990. Jonathan followed his successful brothers and his father into the sport of soccer. His brothers Giovani dos Santos and Eder dos Santos were great soccer football players. Giovani was a designated player for the LA Galaxy Team and his step brother Eder was a defensive midfielder who retired with high ranking scores. Jonathan’s father Geraldo Francisco dos Santos who was nicknamed Zizinho was a star midfielder who played with great Mexican teams during the 1980s. Jonathan is currently a highly ranked designated player.

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William Saito: Keys to a Successful Business and Life

William H. Saito, one of the “100 Most Influential People for Japan,” has spent his whole life in the technology field. He began programming at a young age and by high school had started his own company. He quickly became internationally known and is recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities in security software. He sold his business to Microsoft to pursue new business opportunities in Tokyo. Recently, William Saito was appointed to a government position in Japan and advises several other governments as well. He also supports many schools and has published an autobiography.

As a venture capitalist, William Saito has been using his keen skills for many decades, helping get more than 25 businesses started. He believes that failure is a integral part to innovating and starting a business and it has led him to numerous positions and success during his career. Saito believes that you must “fall forward” and improve your products. He utilized this philosophy during the 2011 disasters that rocked Japan when he helped investigate the nuclear incident. His numerous awards are due to his expertise and his valuable strategies.

Saito spends his days determining what people’s problems are and using “design thinking” methodology to try and “fail fast” to bring ideas to realization. He believes that passion and an ability to fail are key to being successful. Without persistence, no one would be able to being products to life. “If you aren’t failing…you’re not trying hard enough“ He also believes that the secret to a successful business is creating a product that customers will buy multiple times.

The world is moving towards a more mobile experience constantly and businesses can tap into that to expand their business internationally. William Saito also believes that someone needs to pay attention to their health and should read content about technological advancements. In particular, he recommends “Life 3.0”, by Max Tegmark that focuses on AI’s and the human perspective.

William Saito has continually been a innovative force in the information security field and a beneficial presence to the international community. His constant belief in falling forward has led him to bringing companies to reality and providing critical help in natural disasters. His legacy continues to grow as he believes in constant improvement and learning from mistakes. While he’s already received many awards and accolades, it’s hard to see how William Saito will not continue to create a better future with each passing year.

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Ryan Seacrest’s Weight Loss Success

Ryan Seacrest has been one of the most prominent names in Hollywood for over 20 years. His ventures have spread across all forms of media, from his time as the host of American Idol to hosting the popular radio show On Air with Ryan. He is also credited as a producer of the reality series Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

However, before he was a Hollywood star, Ryan Seacrest struggled with his weight. He was an overweight child with a fondness for cookies and nachos. He recently described his weight loss journey in an interview with Men’s Journal.

Ryan Seacrest notes that it was his childhood weight issues that pushed him to manage his weight as an adult. He makes sure to spend an hour in the gym almost every day. He even keeps two lockers, one on either side of Hollywood, so that he will always be close to his equipment and have an opportunity to fit in a workout.

What are his favorite workouts? Ryan Seacrest, who just launched his very own fashion line, loves to run and do core workouts. He works with trainers to focus on major muscle groups. He also enjoys swimming. He prefers snacking on almonds or vegetable juices. Ryan Seacrest does admit that he occasionally cheats on his diet, sometimes by eating pasta or tacos, but always jumps back into a routine.

Ryan Seacrest is most well-known as the host of American Idol, which he hosted from the show’s beginning in 2002 until it ended in 2016. He is the managing editor of E! News and has hosted the network’s red-carpet coverage for many years. In 2010, Ryan Seacrest launched the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. The nonprofit has built studios, called Seacrest Studios, in children’s hospitals around the country. At these studios, patients can learn about the entertainment industry and have a positive experience during their hospital stay.

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The Security of PSI Pay’s Electronic Money

PSI Pay is a company that is helping to improve the way that people send and receives payments across the world. This company makes it incredibly easy for someone to withdraw and deposit funds from global banking networks. In fact, this company is currently able to handle 44 separate currencies across 173 countries. However, many are still confusing this company’s e-money platform with that of bitcoin.


Differences Between E-Money and Bitcoin

E-money is a type of currency that is backed by some type of financial authority. In most cases, this type of financial authority will be a central bank. While e-money can be used entirely online, it is still backed by actual, physical currency. On the other hand, bitcoin is a type of currency that relies solely upon P2P or peer-to-peer transactions. Another difference between bitcoin and e-money is that the value of the former increase based on demand. On the other hand, e-money doesn’t fluctuate based upon this factor.


PSI Pay’s Phenomenal Recent Earnings

It’s understandable to what to know more about this company. Statistics show that 2015 was an incredible year for PSI Pay. It was during this year that this company reported a 29% increase in business volumes when compared to data from 2014. In addition, this company reported a 45% increase in income revenue while pre-tax profits increased by 5.5% when compared to figures collected from the previous year.


To summarize, PSI Pay is a company that utilizes what is known as e-money. This type of currency is different from bitcoin but often confused with it. It’s important to note that e-money is backed by financial institutions while bitcoin is not. Since e-money is backed by actual currency, you don’t have to worry about constant value changes commonly seen with bitcoin. Electronic money is backed by the Financial Conduct Authority, another quality that bitcoin currently lacks.

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