Waiakea Water Offers People the Chance to Try Hawaii Volcanic Water

Waiakea Water knows what it takes to be the best and they do what they can to make sure everyone gets the best water options for their needs. They also know there are things that make a difference when they’re bottling water. Since they bottle at the source, they can help people see all the options they have to make the right water choices. They also know there are things they can use that will help them see the best water taste. Even though Waiakea Water tastes great, it’s still good for the body. The water is pH balanced and it’s easy to see there are things that make the pH balance important to everyone who uses the water. Waiakea Water does what they can to show people how the water is beneficial and how it might help them with various health issues no matter what they’re doing.

Between all the hard work people put into choosing healthy options and making the right choices, Waiakea Water knows what they need to do. They aren’t afraid to give people the chances they need to do things right and the opportunities they need to make things easier on everyone who uses the water. Waiakea Water does their best to give everyone the chance to try the right water and the right things that will help them feel better. For Waiakea Water, the right thing to do is helping people and giving them the chance at a better water product.

No matter what happens to people in the future, Waiakea Water continues pushing to make their water the best it can be. They don’t worry about issues with people. Instead, they worry about their own sustainability and how they can make their water better. If they do things to make Waiakea Water better than it ever was before, they’ll have a chance at showing people how they can make the best choices. Bottled water doesn’t have to be all bad. In fact, it can be better than many of the other choices people have when they choose what they want to drink on their own.


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Jeff Aronin: Life Regenerator


Paragon Biosciences is a company that invests in and fosters the growth of upcoming biotechnology companies. Through the vision of Jeff Aronin, the company is able to assist with improving the quality of life for individuals.

According to Jeff Aronin, Paragon Biosciences applies new approaches to problems that have baffled the masses. The company then offers innovative answers to these issues. The ultimate goal of Paragon Biosciences is to advance companies that have adopted focused strategies which target distinct clinical arenas.

The number of diseases and ailments today that do not have treatment methods are in excess of 6,000. The desperate need for individualized treatment protocol for these diseases is the driving force behind Paragon Biosciences. Their doctrine includes pinpointing the needs of the patient and interpreting the biology of their specific disease (https://gazetteday.com/2018/02/jeff-aronin/). Paragon then pours their resources into companies with the common goal of resolving the unfulfilled needs of patients.

One of the Paragon affiliates is Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals. It is a biopharmaceutical company that produces inventive procedures for people with uncommon and/or crippling skin disorders. Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals possesses a highly effective assortment of advanced products. The application of these products have the power to drastically enhance lives.

Jeff Aronin, in conjunction with Paragon Biosciences, is a cornerstone of the Chicago community. He is seated on the board of directors for World Business Chicago. This organization exists as a cooperative function between the city of Chicago and independent founders. Together, they concentrate on the development of job opportunities. Mr. Aronin was delegated to the board by Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Discover Financial Services is another company that Aronin participates with as a board of directors member. There are many other functions that he has played significant roles in. They include ChicagoNEXT and the Museum of Science and Industry.

Another source of community support that involves Jeff Aronin is The Aronin Family Foundation. This foundation helps to provide a voice for patients while finding treatments for many of the world’s most harmful conditions and diseases. Numerous health institutions within Chicago and around the world have prospered due to the kindness and undying benevolence of the foundation.

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Invest early, take risks and grow your own savings with Chris Linkas


If you could relive your 20’s what would you do? Invest! Veteran’s United lays out in an article titled 5 Reason to Start Investing Early.

Chris Linkas explains how time is on your side when making high risk investments at an early age. If an investment goes bad your time and energy will rebound those loses quickly.

If you are not a huge risk taker then using this time to take advantage of compounding interest in your 401k in a smart move. Consistently piling your discretionary income before you move into family life with other important expenses will set you up with a more financially sound retirement.

Speaking of discretionary income, find more of it by improving your spending habits. Reducing your spending and crafting a budget will allow more funds for investing (https://www.behance.net/chrislinkas). Young people are generally not making huge amounts of money and so it is important to grow savings passively.

Start investing as early. You will be more comfortable retiring than most others you know.

Military members are encouraged take full advantage of their retirement plans for a better quality of life.

How does one at an early age develop an investing mindset? Look to Chris Linkas. Chris Linkas encourages young people to start investing for the benefits of these 5 reasons. He is a financial expert and founder of a successful UK investment group. His group specializes in principle investments in an opportunistic nature. He explains to young people that they are in a time where they can best take advantage of compound interest, risk, investment mistakes, new investing technologies and education in stocks and bonds. He encourages young investors to figure out how to generate their own income while most young students focus on getting a college degree. For those with an entrepreneurial spirit Chris Linkas advises to stay connected in business, reach out to people, be open minded to new ideas and follow a passion.

Overall, investing at an early age will set you up for a successful lifestyle as life goes on emphasized by Chris Linkas. Don’t forget to live life and have fun along the way!

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Upwork: Tips to Enhance Productivity

The Internet has made it possible for freelance professionals to connect with businesses around the world in order to find jobs more easily than it has ever been possible in the past. The freelance industry is led by a small number of freelance platforms. One of the largest of these platforms is a website called Upwork. Upwork has 12 million registered freelance professionals and annually has around $1 billion worth of transactions on their platform. Upwork also maintains a blog where they post tips on how to best enhance your levels of productivity.

In order to best use a to-do list, it can help if you know how to take advantage of it. This can be several things such as the manner in which you construct the to-do list as well as the order in which you approach the task that are on it. During the creation of your to-do list, it is important that you organize the items on the list. There are several methods of organization that can help you to manage your tasks better.

You should first organize the tasks on your to-do list in order of importance. This will allow you to better focus on the items which you feel are high-priority. Additionally, you should also order them by the level of concentration in the energy that they will require in order to complete. With this information, you will be able to delegate the tasks according to your energy levels throughout the day.

Whenever you are writing your to-do list, you should focus on getting every possible item on the list. In this way, you will be able to eliminate thoughts that distract you throughout the day. Keep all of the items in one central location. If you do this, you will not find yourself scrambling throughout the day to find where you placed the tasks on your list. You can also make this process easier by creating the list in advance. Instead of writing your list in the morning you should write your list at night before you go to bed. When you wake up, you can immediately begin tackling the tasks on your list.


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Jordan Lindsey: Rising Trends in Technological Investments

ICOs and cryptocurrencies continue to dominate the current market, and these investment options keep on evolving fast. For this year, new trends have been added for ICO and cryptocurrency, and those who have invested in it could find themselves dealing with something that changes regularly. In the past, companies are trying to get hold of investors who would give them the full amount that they are asking for, but it will change as companies are now demanding for smaller amounts for their ICOs. It will increase the demand for their project while allowing it to grow. Another growing trend for ICOs and cryptocurrencies is that more investors are interested if there is a tie-in product accompanying their release. According to investors, having a product is a lot better than holding a white paper.

One of the proponents of a better system for managing cryptocurrencies and ICOs is Jordan Lindsey. He is an entrepreneur from New York, and he always had the mind of doing business and managing it himself. As a child, he always dreamed of becoming a global icon and creating something that would benefit the whole world. He was further inspired by becoming an entrepreneur after he went to San Francisco. He noticed that people on the West Coast tend to share more information openly than the East Coast. He decided to move to San Francisco for a few months, teaching himself how to do programming, trading, and managing financial assets. He has also traveled the world to gather additional ideas that would make him a better entrepreneur.

One of the best creations that Jordan Lindsey created is an algorithm that would allow cryptocurrency holders and ICO initiators to trade in the forex market. The forex market is the largest market in the world, and many financial institutions are relying on this market for trade every day. Estimates state that around 5 trillion dollars are being traded each day at the forex market, and according to Jordan Lindsey, the creation of his algorithm would allow many people to have a chance to grow their investments. His creation ended up successfully, and Jordan Lindsey is already creating an update for his program.


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The Academy of Art University: A Home for Artists

Art is a beautiful part of our daily lives. Even if we are not an artist, art can inspire us in other facets of life. Simply viewing beautiful works of art can inspire great music and great deeds in life. Some people even work hard enough to where they make a career out of there artistry. These people aren’t just the lucky few blessed with artistic ability, many of them work very hard to develop their abilities. They often pay high amounts of money to attend prestigious schools to better themselves at their craft and learn from other talented artists and teachers. Luckily, there are places that nurture and inspire the arts in many different areas around the world. The Academy of Art University is a place where you can go to learn from professionals with experience in the arts. Whether it be play writing, musical scores, film, art, or what ever you are interested in, the University probably has it.

The Academy for Art University was founded by Richard Stephens in 1929. It opened by a different name back then, but was still the same location. It is claimed to be the largest privately owned art school and all of the United States of America. It has over 250 full-time teachers, over 1,100 part-time teachers, and over 12,000 students in attendance at the University.

The university has produced some world renowned artists and the animators. One alumni from the University is Adam Savage of MythBusters fame. Another young man who went on to win big with massive success is Daniel Arriaga, a Pixar Studios animator and current senior Director at the company. Daniel attained massive success after creating the animated Pixar cartoon called Coco, a cartoon that celebrated Latino culture and heritage with its material stemming from the latino tradition of El Dia de Los Muertos, or “The day of the dead.”

No matter what kind of artistic ability you are looking to develop, The Academy of Art University can help you develop the skills you need to succeed.


Academy of Art University Alumni Contributes to Big Win at 2018 Academy Awards with “Coco”. (2018, March 06). Retrieved from https://gazetteday.com/2018/03/academy-art-university-alumni-contributes-big-win-2018-academy-awards-coco/Adam Savage. (2018, April 25). Retrieved from https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adam_SavageSan Francisco Art School. (n.d.). Retrieved from https://www.academyart.edu/

Find out more about Academy of Art University: http://www.fashionschooldaily.com/

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Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad believes strongly that all children should be able to receive the medical care that they need to live healthy, fulfilling lives. He has made several medical missions in order to treat the impoverished children of Jerusalem who do not have access to the medical care that is available in the United States.


In high school, he looked up to his two older brothers who worked in the engineering field. As engineers, Dr. Saad Saad’s brothers worked outside in the Kuwait desert in construction. After realizing that he did not want to work in the temperatures that they did that sometimes reached more than 110 degrees during the summer, he decided he wanted to aim for a different career.


The career that Dr. Saad Saad decided on was pediatric surgery. Dr. Saad Saad has been a pediatric surgeon or more than 40 years. During these 40 years, he has changed the lives of thousands of children on whom he completed complicated surgeries. Dr. Saad Saad’s combination of engineering and medical expertise have allowed him to make great improvements in the lives of the children under his care.


Not only has Dr. Saad Saad helped thousands of children himself, his inventions have the potential to help thousands more. Dr. Saad Saad has created 2 medical devices and several procedures and techniques. His goal with these inventions is to make surgery easier with fewer complications for both the patients and the medical professionals performing the procedures. The 2 devices that he has created are a trackable catheter that does not require the use of radiation or wires to place and find and a type of endoscopy fitting that prevents the camera lens from fogging up and obstructing the view of the surgeon performing the procedure.


Dr. Saad Saad earned his medical degree in Egypt. He was a very accomplished student and graduated as the salutatorian and with honors. As a child, Dr. Saad Saad was impoverished and he knew that he did not have any other choice but to succeed in medical school. In 1964 as a third-year medical student, Dr. Saad Saad took his ECFMG exam in Lebanon after purchasing an airline ticket for $99. This trip changed his life foreer as it made it possible for him to complete his training in the United States.


After traveling to England to complete his medical internship, he then immigrated to the United States and has been in the country for more than 45 years. He is Board Certified in the United States in pediatric surgery and has held prominent positions during his long career. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/saad-saad

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Trade Wars: with President Trump’s tariffs in place, Stansberry Research recommends that you buy U.S. bonds now

The U.S. steel and aluminum industries have suffered for decades. According to reports from Maryland-based investment research publication company Stansberry Research, their situations are about to get worse.

Thanks to tariffs imposed on steel and aluminum by the Trump administration, the costs of steel and aluminum will rise by 25% and 10%, respectively. The tariffs are targeted towards Chinese imported steel and aluminum, but it applies to every nation except Mexico and Canada. At the time the tariffs were announced, Stansberry Research Editor Justin Hill predicted that the move could lead to retaliation not only from China, but also from other nations. He unfortunately proved to be correct. Not only has China already retaliated with similar tariffs on American imports like soybeans, the European Union has likewise imposed a 25% tax on U.S. consumer goods like whiskey. Worse, President Trump has threatened China with expansion of such tariffs towards other industries, which will escalate an already tenuous situation (Americasjubilee).

As Hill explains in his analysis, there are two reasons this is dangerous; first, the cost of goods for the average consumer will rise due to increased costs for manufacturers who rely on such imports. Second, China produces much of the U.S.’s consumer goods, and it holds an enormous portion of U.S. debt. This finding, combined with Stansberry Research’s studies other budget decisions made by the Trump Administration, leads to Hill’s conclusion that the federal deficit is expected to soar very soon. The U.S. Government relies on selling U.S. Treasury bonds to finance such deficits; the Chinese government is a rabid customer of such bonds. Based on the current trade situation, it may prove wise for investors in the U.S. to consider purchasing some soon as well.

For more information, consider subscribing to Stansberry Research. Subscription to their services includes a large archive of expertise written by analysts well-versed in various industries involved in international trade. Stansberry Research also boasts a large library of publications ranging from books on retirement advice to periodicals that cater to all investment styles.


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US Money Reserve, Inc. – An Expert In IRA Planning

On April 17, 2018, the tax deadline for contributing to an IRA will close. There is still time to reduce your tax debt and enhance your tax situation.

There are last-minute things that you can do to contribute to Self-Directed IRA which could potentially diminish your tax burden and enhance your plans for retirement. Here is a compilation of some things you can do to help with your IRA retirement plans. Learn more about US Money Reserve: https://www.usmoneyreserve.com/blog/ and https://www.usmoneyreserve.com/why-buy-gold/

Before the tax filing deadline date, open an IRA account. Be aware that not all IRA retirement accounts will allow you to diminish your tax debt by diminishing your tax or income bracket. Opening a Traditional IRA account before April 17, 2018, tax filing deadline could allow you to qualify for your contributions to apply (without getting an extension.)

It is advisable to think about opening many accounts for retirement. There are limits for some of these retirement accounts, but you are not limited by the IRS to having only one kind of account. These accounts will help you to safeguard your retirement goals. Read more: US Money Reserve | Crunchbase and US Money Reserve | Bizjournals

Depending on how old you are, you can add up to 5,500 or 6,500 dollars to your IRA account. For those who are 50 years old or younger, the maximum amount you can contribute to your IRA is up to 6,500 dollars. Even though you can only contribute up to 6,500 dollars, do not allow that to deter you from saving, even if the maximum contribution has not been reached.

– According to U.S. News & World Report, if someone who is working and is in the 25% tax income bracket, hits their limit with their IRA, they could cut down their tax bill by 1,375 dollars. Their tax bill could be reduced by 125 dollars if a 500-dollars contribution was made.

In what way would you line the contribution to your IRA account to be applied?

The best way for your IRA contribution to be made is to observe the calendar and determine the tax-year you would like the contribution to your IRA, to be applied.

The U.S. Reserves have been in business for many years and has over 400,000 loyal clients who are satisfied with their relationship with U.S. Money Reserves. They are among the largest merchandiser of the United States Government-issued coinage.

They are intent on providing their clients with a service that surpasses excellence. Their gold coins are first-rate and the best on the market.

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Perry Mandera – The Giving Man and Entrepreneur

Perry Mandera is a philanthropist, business owner, politician, entrepreneur, and veteran. Chicago is his home and passion. He supports his community through his business Custom Companies Inc. He also gives support and time to various charities. He’s a coach, family man, and a dedicated church member (Perrymandera1).



He graduated from high school in 1975. Perry Mandera joined the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves after graduation. He learned to drive a truck during his service. After his Honorable Discharge, he worked. He started his first business. He then ran for office and became the youngest Committeeman at the time in 1984. He represented the 26th Ward in Chicago for four years. Custom Companies, Inc. began in 1986. He founded his company with a vision. That vision has helped create hundreds of jobs, and aid thousands of people. He was named in the “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millenium” by ITA.



Custom Companies is based in Northlake Illinois. They’re a Full-Service Transportation Provider. Perry Mandera started Custom Companies with the belief in always doing things the right way and giving back. This led to the formation of Custom Cares Charities.



* Custom Cares Charities helps financially support education for low-income youth, and they’re proud to support veterans with “Hiring Our Heroes” and “Marines for Life”. Perry Mandera has sponsored over 100 youth teams in the Chicago area.

* He also serves as a board member for the Jesse White Tumblers and Walter and Connie Payton Foundation. They provided thousands of coats to needy families in the Chicago metro location. They’ve given away over 6,500 coats.

* During the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Perry Mandera helped deliver life-saving supplies to the disaster areas. He and his company have helped other disaster areas after natural catastrophes as well.

* He donates (personally and professionally) to cancer research, youth support, and programs for veterans. He also strives to hire veterans as often as possible.



Perry Mandera enjoyed work as a youth coach for basketball, football, and baseball teams. He sponsored professional boxers who competed in the Olympics. In his personal life, he remains an active member of the church and community. He remains happily married since 1989 and spends time playing sports with his two kids.

His life’s work has been committed to helping others. Perry Mandera created a great business and charity. He’s helped thousands of people and saved countless lives. He still serves the Chicago area today and offers to mentor new business pioneers. His story of success in giving continues forward.


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