Bruno Fagali: Getting A Competent Lawyer In Brazil

Are you dealing with personal or business legal problems in Brazil? Do you want to be represented by a highly rated attorney in Brazil? Perhaps you want to enlist the services of one of the leading lawyers out there.

Companies often deal with complex disputes and disagreements with other businesses, organizations, or professionals, which require a thorough knowledge of both the enterprise or business situation and the specific industry of the client. That’s why it is advisable to consult a good lawyer or law firm.

Bruno Fagali is a top attorney and an expert in Administrative Law, Urban Law and Ethics. Bruno also provides legal solutions in the areas of Regulatory Law and Compliance and is well recognized in the legal community.

As an entrepreneur or business manager there are several things to keep in mind when establishing new business partnerships, or entering into contracts with another entity. It is important to consult an experienced lawyer to determine what needs to be done to ensure that your organization complies with applicable rules and regulations.

A legal advisor can assess your organization or business legal needs and make recommendations. A lawyer like Bruno Fagali can point out critical issues to be conscious of when establishing a business. Bruno can help you select the right structure for your organization or company, and draft the necessary documents for you. He can also review contracts and guide you through business deals and other issues that maximize the opportunities in growing your business.

There are a lot of law firms and attorneys around, so take the time to find out which ones are providing great service to their clients. The best way to approach this is to look for a lawyer that has a great reputation in the industry. It is also important to go with a lawyer that has vast experience in an area that is relevant to your case.

Many corporations, business owners and professionals rely on Bruno Fagali to help protect their interests and stay out of legal trouble. If you are running a business in Brazil, or if you manage a big corporation and are in need of legal advice or representation, it is crucial to have a good lawyer like Bruno by your side. A knowledgeable lawyer can work with you to address the legal issues that need to be taken care of.

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Sheldon Lavin Role in OSI Industries Expansion

Sheldon Lavin is a name that has always been mentioned in the food department for the last forty years. Sheldon Lavin is also one of the figures who are associated with the many innovations that have been taking place in the food production department for the last three decades. While individuals in the world struggle to make ends meet in the food production area, Sheldon Lavin has always been successful, and he has led one of the largest companies in the industry to success. Sheldon chief executive officer for a company called OSI Industries for a very long time. The businessman has always taken all his duties the right way, and this is one of the primary reasons the businessman has retained his prestigious position.

OSI Industries enjoys a reputation that is not easy to come by. The company was first started in the United States, and it managed to conquer the market and emerge one of the best in meat production. The organization founder was an ordinary Germany immigrant who wanted to offer the other immigrant meat products at the start. The businessman invested in making sure that the meat he was supplying was good, and this is how he managed to win the consumers in the Chicago region. The competition in the meat department has always been tough. People from all parts of the world love meat, but they always prefer to consume meat that is certified to be the best in the market. OSI Industries has managed to fulfill this need, and this is why it has been doing well. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin receives Global Visionary Award.

A company can never perform well if it does not have the right leaders. OSI Industries has been enjoying the leadership of some of the known executives in the entire globe, and this explains the milestones it has achieved over the years. Sheldon Lavin has been in charge of the company expansion activities since he joined the firm many years ago. Because Lavin is a finance executive with a lot of leadership qualities, he felt that he could assist the company to venture into new markets and at the same time increase the products it was offering its customers. Sheldon Lavin managed to impress the stakeholders in this company. With his expertise, the company has managed to open so many branches, and it has gained respect from all corners of the world.

For details:

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Fortress investment group is a leading global firm in providing investment strategies to individuals as well as institutional clients. Fortress specializes in a wide range of investments such as private equity, liquid hedge funds, and credit funds. It enables its clients to raise, invest and manage a wide range of investments. Fortress also provides a reprieve to distressed companies by sitting on their board of directors and helping the company turnaround or by fully acquiring the company. It has vast experience in turning around companies that are distressed. Many institutions and individuals across the world trust in Fortress’ ability to help them make informed investment decisions. The fortress was among the first private equity companies to be listed in the US. It has an asset base of $3.6 billion according to the financial results released in 2017.

In 2010, Fortress investment group almost brought to a halt the winter Olympic Games in Canada. They were in the headlines for quite some time, and a lot of people could not understand how an American firm could be involved in Olympic Games in Canada. Fortress demanded payments from Canadian authorities to allow the games to proceed. This payment was for British Columbia resort that Fortress investment group owned and was meant to be used during the games for alpine events. They demanded to be paid $90 million else the games would not proceed. In February 2018, SoftBank Group announced that it had completed the acquisition of Fortress investment group as it had earlier communicated in 2017. Fortress was acquired for $3 billion. Fortress is now wholly owned by SoftBank Group.

The management of SoftBank Group said that Fortress would run as an independent entity under the umbrella of SoftBank Group. The shareholders of Fortress approved the acquisition, and so far SoftBank Group has met all the statutory requirements for purchase. Following the acquisition, each share will get $8.08 in cash from the merger proceeds. The management of SoftBank Group has stated that the principals of Fortress will continue to lead the firm as it does not want to lose the leadership, business model, processes and culture that have supported Fortress since its inception.Management at Fortress encourages a flat organization structure to secure communication along the hierarchy. Employees at Fortress express their gratitude to the administration because this structure makes teamwork easier for them to handle their projects. Though the work is at times challenging, the structure makes it easier to execute.

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U.S. Money Reserve and Its Recent Launch of the Beautiful 65th Anniversary Coronation Set

To collect coins is not just a hobby anymore. You can make money off it already. You don’t have to go beyond eBay to see how much money you can earn by selling away all your collectibles or hard-to-find memorabilia. Connect with US Reserve on LinkedIn

If it is your passion to collect various collectibles today that are hard to find or buy, then you should know that PR Newswire just reported about U.S. Money Reserve’s new launch of its coin set that it created with the help of Perth Mint.

This new coin made of 99.99% pure gold in mix with 99.99% pure silver is in celebration of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II this 2018. It is to honor her service and role in the British government and politics. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

You may have probably read that Her Majesty has been a source of inspiration to many people, and she was able to usher a new sense of honor and pride to those who feel downtrodden by the global economic crisis in Britain.

You should also know that the Perth Mint is the designated maker of the coin, which is then distributed with the help of U.S. Money Reserve, the exclusive distributor of the collectible coin. There are only about 250 minted coins distributed all over the world, and this makes the memorabilia even more special for those who acquire it.

This is also not the first time that U.S. Money Reserve showed their support in making an occasion out of the special events in the world today. The distributor also helped the launch of the previous year’s anniversary coin from U.S. Money Reserve, and they also were the distributor of the coin setries that was set to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Pearl Harboe. Read more: US Money Reserve | Crunchbase and US Money Reserve | Bizjournals

Clearly, with the partnership of The Perth Mint, U.S. Money Reserve has shown extra dedication and passionate care for producing a series of memorabilia to commemorate landmark events in history.

About U.S. Money Reserve

U.S. Money Reserve started its passion for delivering memorabilia last 2001, which was the day the company was founded. The company is now the leading and the world’s largest private distributor of both foreign government-issued gold, platinum and silver legal tenders, and the same assets but distributed in the United States.

People trust U.S. Reserve’s mainly because of the outstanding numismatic professionals and research team in the company that helps assess the increasing value of gold and educate people about the opportunities available in buying gold coins.

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Milan Kordestani: Winner At 19

Milan Kordestani is fierce at 19.

He is an equestrian, a business owner, a writer, and a college student.

Although Milan wears many hats, he makes time for everything, especially for his passion as an equestrian.

He began riding horses at the age of 10.

During his first encounter atop a horse, the animal went wild, threw him off, and ran away.

What Milan did next was “surprising,” according to his father, Omid Kordestani.

He went after the horse.

Once he caught up with it, he climbed back atop it and began riding again.

This was indeed pretty impressive behavior for a child.

Since then, Milan has continued to show determination and strength.

As an equestrian, he has won multiple championships, and his ranking is consistently improving. His track record as an equestrian is as follows:

  • He won 4th place at the World’s Championship Horse Show in 2015.
  • Later in 2015, he was awarded 3rd place at the American Royal.
  • In 2016, Milan reached his highest ranking to date, earning an impressive 2nd place at the World’s Champion Horse Show.

Milan would like to win 1st place and a blue ribbon in the near future. His consistent progress is proof that he can.

When Milan isn’t riding horses, he is attending classes at Colorado College or writing for the Huffington Post.

The topics he covers include mental health, politics, and agriculture.

Often, Milan will work on his farm, Milan Farms.

Milan started his farm at the age of 16 while he was still a sophomore in college.

On it, he grows crops that are 100% organic.

These crops include

  • saffron
  • eggs
  • mint

Milan is proud to admit that he humanely raises his chickens.

Customers who buy from Milan get excellent service because the young entrepreneur believes in being completely open and honest with them.

According to Milan, the only way to do business is to be transparent with everyone and to always have an answer at the ready whenever a customer has any questions or concerns.

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Ryan Seacrest Addresses Weight Loss Struggle

Ryan Seacrest has been known to be a great host, but there are so many other elements to what he is doing. Ryan has become the type of person that is interested in helping people. This what sparked the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. He is also a snappy dresser that has helped many men color coordinate their wardrobe. He has done this with the Ryan Seacrest Distinction clothing line that was designed to help men blend the perfect colors together for any outfit.

Even though he is a host that tends to have quite a bit of struggle. Ryan has stated that trying to lose weight has been a big struggle for him down through the years. This is where he has seen a weight gain over the years as he has found himself in a setting where he is doing a lot more sitting on the Live with Kelly and Ryan Show. Host Ryan Seacrest has been vocal about this on that show, and he willing to open up about his feelings when it comes to this struggle on weight loss as he gets older. It is something that everyone tends to go through as they age, and Seacrest has stated that it has been a struggle to keep the weight off.

Many people may be surprised to learn that he is struggling with his weight because he has put so much time into building a career where he is always on the go. He has the host of a plethora of different shows, and he has his hands in a lot of different areas when it comes to the work that he is doing on it shows.

Ryan Seacrest, a producer, tv and radio show host, has become a household name because of American Idol, and he has also been able to show his hosting skills for Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve. Now that he is a host that also appears on the red carpet as well it is easy to spot someone like Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest). This is one of the reasons why he wants to stay in shape. He is always in the public eye so he wants to look his best at all time.

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Robert Deignan Brings a Powerhouse of Tech Wisdom and Leadership

Finding dedicated leadership in today’s market place is no easy accomplishment. But Robert Deignan has made that his goal throughout his illustrious career in technology business.

With over 20 years of experience under his belt, Deignan has earned the right to be called, “expert,” in his field. Deignan’s education started at Purdue University where he earned a B.S in Business Management in 1995. From early on he knew he wanted to be own a business and he took his entrepreneurial spirit into every endeavor along the way.

His first dip into business management was with a company he co-founded called Fanlink. While just three years past graduation, so he jumped in with both feet and created this company. He also had the wisdom, however, to understand that this was just a foundational experience which would later add to his expertise.

Next, Deignan went on to try his hand at being executive vice president at iS3 Inc. which was a software company. This was also another foundational step toward becoming the expert in technology and business management that he is today.

Today, Robert Deignan serves as the co-founder and CEO of ATS Digital Services. Through his education and learning experiences in the real world of business management, Deignan has the confidence and dedication it takes to be a great leader in a touch industry.

It is apparent that ATS is a great collaboration of all of Robert’s hard work over the years. He focuses here on bringing his knowledge of technology into real problem solving realities. The company deals with digital data storage, mobile devices, and installation needs for customers with home networks. Basically, ATS has technology trouble shooting in an easy to access stop.

Not only has Deignan brought years of tech experience along with him, but he has also brought a deep understanding of how to create a company culture that will endure. His understanding of leadership and team work makes all the difference at ATS. Under his leadership this company has flourished into a tech powerhouse which customers know they can depend on for their sensitive data and technology needs.

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Chief Executive Officer Of Everest Group: Vinod Gupta

Vinod Gupta is a renowned business executive and more so an entrepreneur that has a vast experience of over 40 years serving various companies all over the United States. He is the current General Partner of Everest Group. The successful story of Gupta is interesting since it revolves around achievements that he had while serving firms in the US. Vinod Gupta was born in 1946 in India. He served as the CEO of InfoGROUP, and he could acquire some companies that were in the field of information and technology. And his current firm, Everest Group, he offers technology services to startups businesses and also those businesses that seem to struggle he acquires them so that they can become successful.


It is the pride and achievement of Gupta to have offered employment opportunities to lots of people to at least have an improved living standard. Vinod Gupta also supported philanthropic initiatives through supporting and funding them so that those people in the community that lack funds to access educations and other necessities can do so through the charitable organizations.


Learn more about his philanthropic activities on


The establishing of Everest was an idea that he had when he was serving at InfoGroup, and his passion towards technology contributed a lot towards this great achievement.


To ensure Vinod Gupta’s success and achievement of his goals, Vinod focuses on long-term goals since that aids him in making productive progress. And for this reason, the Everest Group is making a significant acquisition of other companies that concentrate on digital printing, operations platforms, and background checks. Moreover, it is imperative to note that the technology keeps updating and there is need to integrate new forms of technology in the industry. By adapting to current technology made it possible for Vinod to perfect the services offered to customers making it easy to be productive.


In order to have business savvy, Vinod ensured that he is a risk taker in the industry and also through the experience he had when working, geared Vinod Gupta to achieve his visions. The technology sector is extensive, and the expansion keeps increasing, and it makes it easy for Vinod Gupta to explore the market globally.


Learn more about Vinod Gupta on Vinod Gupta: Indian-born American Businessman, Investor, and Philanthropist.





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All About NewsWatch

NewsWatch started the airing in 1990 which was primarily focusing on the financial issues and was a monthly program. During the start year, it expanded more of its scope and it became more of TV news magazine which could now be able to cover wider varieties of interesting topics to the general public. NewsWatch was an entertainment and consumer focusing on how the features like paid segments and editorial, where companies were capable of marketing and promoting their brands which were after the editorial approval process that was from the NewsWatch standard and practical teams.

It has evolved and become a technological show which is now offering the consumer and entertainment format. It is capable of featuring celebrity interviews, consumer news, mobile application reviews, both sponsored consumer and editorial electronic reviews, government and breaking the medical news. It has a chance where it is offering public service announcements.

It is featuring in the local satellite media tour interviews, making national non-profit campaign awareness and video news releases which are being submitted by various providers to the program. It has been broadcasting during the morning news which has been the news hours at 7 am which is on Monday using AMC Network and also not Television affiliates together with the independent syndicated local stations.

NewsWatch is basically based in Washington, DC but has also other offices in VA, Fairfax, Denver and New York City. It is owned and its operation is done by Bridge Communications which is a communication and video production company.

NewsWatch is a proud company to have the chance of working with fortune 500 companies which makes it independent app developers, small businesses, and non-profit organizations that are from all around the world. NewsWatch has helped all organizations and different companies sizes achieve their success. The company is proud of relationship it has been building over the many years of its operation.

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All You Need to Know About Clayton Hutson

About Clayton Hutson

Clayton Hutson is a tour tour rigger who specializes in the fields of stage management, sound engineering, logistics management, production design, and production management. He is highly experienced since he has worked with various musicians as a tour producer and stage manager for over 20 years.

Hutson is a dedicated individual who believes in producing favorable and the best stage production to his clients. He thinks that he is the most hardworking individual on stage to make sure that everything goes as planned before the crowd.

Before he started his crew, Clayton Hutson used to be a sound engineer for the Billy Graham sound team. However, Clayton had different concerns and developed a taste for rock music. Thus, he worked with some of the renowned artists such as Clarkson, Kid Rock, P!nk, and Guns ‘n’ Roses as a tour tour rigger. Throughout his career, Clayton Hutson has traveled to many countries in North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia.

Clayton Hutson Joins duo Tim McGraw and Faith Hill as a stage tour rigger on their Soul2Soul: The World Tour

Recently, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill announced that Clay Hutson would be joining as a tour tour rigger on their second leg of Soul2Soul: The World Tour. The country duo last performed together in 2007. However, due to their fans demand, they decided to take the second edition of their world performance tour. Thus, they decided to approach Clayton Hutson as a tour tour rigger for a memorable event.

When Clayton was asked to comment on his new appointment, he said that both Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are a spectacular country duo that provides excellent performance. He said that he was belated to be considered for the post. He added that together with his crew, they would be in charge of stage sound production, stage management, and logistics management.

Clayton is a renowned and a reputable producer in the field of Live performance production. Hus experiences and skills put him at the forefront of the best stage producers. He works tirelessly to ensure that all goes well as planned on the stage before the crowd. Learn more:

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