Ferguson Protestors to Be Mocked by Billboard

Ferguson is preparing itself for chaos. The decision is about to come down as to whether officer Darren Wilson will be indicted by a grand jury in the shooting death of Michael Brown. It is expected that Wilson will not be indicted and that wide-ranging protests will ensue. Governor Nixon has already declared a state of emergency and activated the National Guard.

The protestors did quite a bit of looting in the first days after Michael Brown’s death. Their slogan became “Hands up, don’t shoot”. Some of them even burned an American flag, which outraged many. 

A white police officer killed a black man under disputed circumstances. The Ku Klux Klan has said they are coming to Ferguson to “protect white citizens” from looters. What won’t help tensions is the fact that a man is buying a billboard in Ferguson that says “Pants up, don’t loot”.

Think about that. The stereotype of the looter is a black male “thug” who wears his pants low. This billboard is basically declaring that black men are looting criminals. 

Is this really the time or place for this kind of trolling? Mark Ahn and other Americans believe that people could get hurt or even die if things go poorly.

This billboard cost $3,000. There has to be some better way to spend that money. 

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  1. Michael Kendra says:

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