The Azealia Banks Wait is Over

Azealia Banks has managed to keep fans buzzing about the anticipated album release with a lot of underground mix tape action. Now the rapper has released the album “Broke with Expensive Taste” to give her fans what they have been waiting for.

The album has been delayed several times. Sometimes the delay can serve as a vehicle for greater promotion. Mike Livak said with Banks the album delay appeared to be more of a problem with the label that she was on. Azealia has parted ways with her old Universal Music label.

Banks decided to drop the new album on Thursday on iTunes. This surprised her fans, but it came on the heels of a track list leak on Spotify. Azealia may have been feeling that the entire album make have been leaked so she made an attempt to beat the hackers. Drake released tracks expeditiously in a similar fashion last month because he wanted to beat hackers that had access to some of his new music.

The music industry album sales have been brutal in 2014. Taylor Swift is the only one that has had a platinum album to date. Banks promoted the “Broke with Expensive Taste” album on Instagram.

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