The Return of Fergie

It has been a long time since the world has seen Fergie. The Black Eye Peas superstar had a very successful solo debut, but she quickly followed this with a marriage. It appears that Fergie took some time off to enjoy the fruits of her labor. In doing so she left something of a void, but she appears to be back to fill this void with a signature Fergie sound.

The difference with the new single, “La La La La La,” is that the music world has changed. Her Black Eyed Peas counterpart – super producer Will-I-Am – is not the one supplying the beats this time around. The flavor of the month in R&B and hip hop production is DJ Mustard. My friend Tom Rothman heard firsthand that DJ Mustard is the one supplying Fergie with the beats for her new single.

The video takes her interesting turn with celebrities cameos. The song actually features rapper YG, but friends Kelly Osbourne, Hillary Swank and Chelsea Handler manage to squeeze in some face time and help Fergie sing the chorus. It is a playful video, and that is what Fergie has been known for. It’s a song that takes viewers throughout Los Angeles as Fergie dances and sings.

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