Thriller 3D Project In the Making

“Thriller” has become one of the most recognizable music videos in entertainment history. Millions of people have seen this video and it has become the go-to song for Halloween parties. It has a become a video that immortalized Michael Jackson because it is played so much during the month of October.

There was recently some speculation about the return of Thriller as a 3D project. Director John Landis has confirmed that there is a project in the works for bringing Thriller back in 3D format. According to Landis, the 14 minute film Thriller will be getting a 3D makeover in 2015.

This will be another money making project that will add to the ever so popular Jackson estate. In 2014, Michael Jackson reigned as the top grossing deceased artist with a new album release I was reading on Loopnet, which even surprised my buddy Brian who didn’t realize that the king of pop could still reign in death. “Thriller” has continued to thrive even as other horror themed tracks have come and gone. There is certainly a timeless feel associated with the video.

It has been reported that the dispute between Landis and Jackson over royalties caused the delay of the 3D video.

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  1. Jigo Kaxik says:

    The dispute has recently been settled by the Jackson estate, and this allows Landis to go forth with this 3D “Thriller” production. It is so cool that would have these come to a clearer understand of what it is and is not.

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