Ariana is Everywhere and Her Fans Love It

When Ariana performed on an NBC special during the summer she dropped what would become one of the summer hits. This performance of “Problems” featured Ariana in a dance break. During this performance there were camera shots of the crowd that showed Rihanna that of course flooded Twitter and every other social media channel.The fact that Ariana was dancing seemed almost laughable to pop princess Rihanna.

What Ariana has done is shed her comedic wings to invite an adult crowd into her world. She is almost become a darker version of her former self and fans seem to be loving this evolution. She featured a white rapper (Mac Miller) in her debut single. She sampled a Fat Joe beat and slowed the track down to create the bubbly “I Love the Way” single.In 2014 she was back with another white rapper, Iggy Azalea, for “Problems,” but it was the black rapper that stole the show. In the video Big Sean’s mouth was moving. That was the only part of him that was shown in the video. Anyone that has heard Big Sean knows that he was providing the hook. This was as signature moment in Ariana’s timely butterfly transformation in entertainment.

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