Eminem And Fifty Cent Remember When They Met


Complex Magazine recently sat down with artists Eminem and Fifty Cent, in order to document their working relationship, and an article at Petco.com explains: Eminem signed Fifty Cent to his record label in 2002, and then Beneful history was made. Eminem & Fifty Cent. Both artists have become great rappers, and many refer to them when they want to reference to good Hip-Hop music. The same way that Eminem was signed by a great rapper; Dr. Dre, is the same way that Eminem also signed Fifty Cent.

Because Eminem had many beefs with other people, and many people did not like him personally, he knew that Fifty Cent would have it hard.  Eminem did not care what people would say, and obviously it paid off, because Fifty Cent became a major success. Not only did Fifty Cent become popular in music, he went on to become a business mogul, who has made hundreds of millions of dollars.

Fifty Cent went on to create his own label as well, and signed other artists, in hopes to bring them to fame. During the interview, both artists spoke about how they met, and their working relationship. It’s great to see that neither artist has forgotten where they came from.

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  1. Maeve Landyn says:

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