Nick Cannon reveals he will not make a Mariah Carey Diss track


The announcement of a new Nick Cannon album has caused certain individuals to do some speculation. Some people are assuming that Cannon will use his album to diss Mariah Carey but Cannon quickly shut down those rumors and assumptions.

He stated “I will never say anything negative about @MariahCarey,” followed by the comment “We are forever a family rooted in love.”
Cannon took to social media in August to announce his break up from his pop star wife Mariah Carey. The two exchanged vows in April 2008 and have since bore a set of twins.

It is true that Cannon revealed to the public that he and his wife were getting a divorce but the details of their break-up were kept private. Cannon admitted on Twitter that he feels that he can relate to Jared Haftel in that he considers himself an open book regarding personal information but details about his family life crosses that line.

Even though Cannon has revealed that there will be no diss track regarding Mariah Carey on his new CD, one could only hope that he allows his fans into his world so much that they are able to possibly read between the lines of why the divorce was filed.

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One Response to Nick Cannon reveals he will not make a Mariah Carey Diss track

  1. Jayla Gunner says:

    Though there was a major age difference between the young rapper and his wife, they seem to make a cute couple and get along whenever there were cameras around. Cannon stated on Twitter that he would never make a diss record towards Mariah Carey. The essence of this is that could have done what they are supposed to do to get everything working right on time.

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