Wiz Khalifa Will Not Sell Sex Tape

While some men would be mourning the death of their marriage to a model Wiz Khalifa is taking the road less traveled. Recently it has been reported that Wiz started spending time with playboy model Carla Howe. The two have been spending some time together and of course things started heating up rather quickly, what Wiz wasn’t counting on was his homemade sex tape being sold to Vivid Entertainment for big bucks.

Now it seems that Wiz and Carla have both discussed the tape and decided not to go through with the release of it. While at first Carla was more than ready to hit the small screen it looks like Wiz may have changed her mind quickly about her decision, of course nobody knows exactly what caused the change of heart but many still think it was a business move on Carla’s part and Andrew Heiberger can definitely see that.

Wiz Khalifa claimed later that he never knew he was being recorded for the tape however sources who have seen the tape claim that not only was Wiz looking directly into the camera but he also was seen holding a camera phone. Perhaps Wiz is just not one to kiss and tell.

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  1. Robert says:

    Sources claim that Carla Howe set up a meeting with Vivid and was set to make a deal however she needed the approval of Wiz before the money could start rolling in. It is also possible that that assignment writing help uk could also get their hands back on track for so many things which is not entirely possible all at once.

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