John Textor: Resurrecting Michael Jackson

Mankind has retained the ability to visualize, imagine and dream up the impossible since as long as we can remember. Before we had the minds to build those dreams, we drew them around us; eventually writing them down or acting them out. This allowed us to relive those dreams without pictures, until the late 1800’s and the birth of motion pictures.

Even in those early years, the idea of giving form to something intangible appealed to us, and we finally found a way to see our dreams in front of us. As technologies progressed and developed, the film industry developed more complex methods of bringing these two dimensional pictures to life, so that a captivated audience could experience the full effects of fiction.

Animatronics were eventually developed giving greater credibility to the beasts and monsters of the big screen, and with the dawning computer age, finally the film industry brought computer graphics to the movies.

In 1993, Digital Domain was founded by film Director James Cameron and partners. The company began working on bringing modernized computer graphics into their films and went on to win seven Academy awards for Scientific Achievements and Visual Effects.

In 2006, John Textor was appointed Chairman and CEO of the company. During his alliance with this Digital Domain, he worked towards bringing life to some of the most memorable and unimaginable features in film history.

Under his leadership, the audience has in recent years been able to once again experience the legendary presence of some of the greatest artists of all time. In 2012 at the Coachella Valley Music Festival, Tupac once again took the stage; a beloved rapper taken by violence. Marilyn Monroe once again gleamed and simmered across the stage, and legendary musicians, such as Elvis and Michael Jackson once again brought their music to life.

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