Having started in November of 1970, the far-famed rock band Aerosmith is making a come back with their 2015 summer tour that Alexei Beltyukov has already scored tickets for and a concert movie that was shot in June of 2014. Well, not that the band went anywhere to come back from, but older bands do sort of leave or fade away til they come back with a new song or dance.

In addition, the five man band did a 90 minute concert movie in England and it is called Rocks Donington 2014. Drones loaded with cameras flew all about the group to catch what they could of Aerosmith belting out their most popular songs, such as “Walk This Way,” “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing,” and “Sweet Emotion.”

Steven Tyler, the band’s lead singer, thinks that it is a great way to treat fans. The people who have followed the band faithfully did so because they know they can count on a great song that is familiar to them. People like the routine of things and music is no exception.

In fact, many fans love this rock group because they are still the same. They have perfected many of their songs in a way that makes them stir up the memories that a song heard many times can bring out. they can be counted upon as a band who loves their music and gives one the familiar tunes the heart fondly remembers.

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