Fans Anger Over Holding of Wu-Tang Album

The entire Wu-Tang Clan reunion seems somewhat forced and irrelevant at this time. Many people wanted to see the group reunite, but a lot of drama led to a poorly constructed album, “A Better Tomorrow.” Now there is another Wu-Tang album in the mix, and fans are already angry about waiting for this album.

Fans are quickly realizing that there is a lot of tension that is still going on between the group. RZA talked about the album and how it would be 88 years before it could be sold. Method Man tweeted about how that sounded stupid. Paul Mathieson says there is all of this talk about how there will only be one copy of the album with no massive distribution, so OTC Markets is sort of iffy on how that’s going to work out.

There are so many gimmicks in place with the album that it all just starts to sound silly after a while. This is the reason that so many people are through with the following of this Wu-Tang crew. They waited all of these years to release an album, and it wasn’t even stellar material. They had some average songs that honestly sounded a little dated. It could have been become many of these songs were recorded as they worked for years on getting the whole crew to commit. Fewer people will probably take interest in the new music because the Wu-Tang crew seems to be divided. There are too many ego in place right now.

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