Skout to Fuse: Change Your Social Life

Skout is an online dating network that has been assisting single men and women across the world for 8 years, and is going strong. The co-founder’s introduced the Fuse interface in 2014 with great success. Until now, there hasn’t been a safe alternative for group socializing, that connected people with similar interests.

If using Fuse wasn’t on your list of to-do’s for today, get out your phone. Fuse takes your contacts in your address book and creates a web of people you know and will know soon. Contacts are organized into groups based on shared interests. When accepted into the group, it’s a lifetime connection. The web of friends just keeps growing.

This enables users to see, meet, connect, and interact with new members in the area and source better connections based on shared interests. When messages are sent, there is an option to “burn” them within 5, 10, 15 seconds of the message opening. This is similar to the popular Snapchat messaging option. Quickly keep up to date with groups with making plans, share meeting locations, and much more with Fuse.

There is even a ghost mode for anonymous posting. There are so many features with Fuse that allow the user to take socializing to a new level. No more hiding behind a computer profile, this organizes your network based on location and phone number connections and paves the way to easy introductions.

Online dating has become increasingly popular in the past ten years and Skout and Fuse work together to accomplish multiple social interaction goals. It’s easy to get busy with work and family, but socializing with friends and dates makes life rich and full of culture. Everyone needs a break here and there, and for those that don’t have time to network manually anymore, there are easy to use apps that do it for you.

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