Vijay Eswaran returns to The Sphere of Silence

The early life of QNET CEO Vijay Eswaran was filled with travels as his government employed father was sent to various areas of Malaysia as his job required. The travels have rarely stopped for Eswaran as he has embarked on a career that has seen him named a top entrepreneur and one of the top 25 richest people in Malaysia after he founded the QI Group in 1982. There are some parts of the life of Vijay Eswaran that have remained a constant, for example the need to practice a small piece of meditation each morning for around an hour remains locked in his diary as he looks to focus on the important details of life.

In 2005, this art of meditation hit the headlines as the emerging entrepreneur released the book In The Sphere Of Silence to an audience of business people and the general public who wished to find a small area of peace of mind in their lives.  Finding happiness and a central area of peace is the skill that Vijay Eswaran is attempting to pass on to those who follow his lead and take part in the ancient leadership and management techniques of the Hindu religion and use some yoga techniques along the way.The practice of becoming silent for a short period of time, Vijay Eswaran recommends an hour is something that the young Vijay Eswaran was taught and practiced from a very young age. Now worth around $500 million in personal wealth, Eswaran has attempted to share his skills and the techniques he learned over the years in a bid to assist other in reaching their business and personal goals. By becoming silent Vijay Eswaran feels each individual can focus on the areas of life that are of most importance to them, large global issues can often fill our minds and distract us from the parts of life that are important to our families and business worlds. A process called self actualization is completed when silence and meditation combine to allow the individual the chance to remove overwhelming issues and problems from their mind and a feeling of focus and clarity descends on their life.

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