Mariah Carey Diss Record

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey’s breakup has been one of the messiest and most public splits in the music industry. When the two married everyone expected them to fall apart within the first year, however they managed to pull through longer than both of their fans put together could ever imagine. Once the news of their breakup became public everyone was so used to them being together it was hard to believe that they were over. Just as quickly as they fell in love, they fell apart and the world could not be more shocked.

Not only have Nick and Mariah spent the last 7 years together, according to┬áTabar but they have also welcomed twins into their live. Now that the two have decided to part it seems that Nick is determined to keep their marital issues private, while Mariah is dead set on airing out some dirty laundry. Of course this isn’t the first time Mariah has taken to the studio to diss an ex, Back in 2002 Mariah belted out some pretty shady lyrics in her song “Clown” which she directed at Eminem who at the time released a circus themed album called the “Eminem Show.” Years later Mariah continued to fire shots at Eminem in her song “Obsessed.”

Mariah is at it again, but this time she is going after her ex hubby Nick Cannon. In the lyrics to her song “Infinity” Mariah disses Nick and belittles him, calling him “broke” and poking fun at their age difference claiming Nick is too young for her. Just weeks ago Nick seemed open to the idea of working things out with Mariah even after having his massive tattoo of her name removed, but now it looks like Mariah is shutting down any doubt that they can try again.

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