Best Cameos in Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’

Most Taylor Swift fans have put the video of ‘Bad Blood’ on loop and gone through every one of the 18 cameos from the closest and dearest friends of the diva. However, Gianfrancesco Genoso felt some cameos were simply better than the others. Here is a list of the best cameos in the ‘Bad Blood’ video –

Ellie Goulding – Playing the character of ‘Destructa X’ and living up to her name, Goulding was seen operating some pretty heavy weaponry in the video. More than anything, her expressions were what set her apart from the others, making her the best in ‘Bad Blood’.

Gigi Hadid – Playing Slay-Z and holding a compact with slicing capabilities in her hand, Hadid’s cameo was pretty impressive in terms of the wow factor. There is also a bulldog right next to her which might be a reference to Pacific Rim or Rio.

Hayley Williams – The amazing hair of ‘Crimson Curse’ isn’t the first thing you note but then she does a front flip and you are riveted.

Cindy Crawford – The ‘Headmistress’ is the one who keeps the spaceship floating and the nod exchanged between her and TSwift was iconic.

Zendaya – Teddy lovers might not have loved this little cameo but nonetheless, it was impressive. She played ‘Cut throat’.

Other heart-stopping cameos include those of Karlie Kloss (Knockout), Selena Gomez (Arsyn), Cara Delevingne (Mother Chucker) and Hailee Steinfeld (Trinity).

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  1. Madeleine Edwin says:

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