Did People Have the Right to Judge Beyoncé?

In the new Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj video released on Monday, May 18, Beyoncé poured a bottle of expensive Armand de Brignac champagne into a hot tub in one scene. Since the video’s release, a lot of people on social media have spoken out in outrage. On Twitter, for example, plenty of users came forward over the last couple of days to criticize Beyoncé’s actions because the champagne can cost up to $20,000 a bottle.

Many Americans haven’t overcome their financial losses from the Great Recession and the job market is only now starting to pick up again. As a result, some believe that Beyoncé shouldn’t be flashing around wasteful spending. Some people commented that the sale of one bottle of this champagne could have paid off their student loans, while others noted that she could have helped change 20 people in need with donations of $1,000 per person with the sale of just that one bottle. Another person pointed out that California is on the verge of not having any drinkable water left within the next year and Beyoncé is tossing out drinkable fluids.

Many of Beyoncé’s supporters have told her critics that she earned her money and has the right to spend it any way she likes. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital agrees with that thought voiced on the NY Post. Others have pointed out that she might not have even used the real champagne in the video. She might have used a prop.

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