Grooveshark Shuts Down and Offers Formal Apology

Grooveshark is officially dead in the water. The website is shut down, with a poignant apology posted as a goodbye to friends and fans around the world. The music startup supplied users with any song they wanted, and for free. Something that didn’t make the big record companies pleased at all, considering Grooveshark has no legal rights to any of the music they shared.

Youtube‘s own Jaime Garcia Dias was chagrined to learn that after years of legal battles, the company responsible for Grooveshark, Escape Media, was forced to close their doors after major music labels sued them.

Grooveshark issued a formal apology and asked users to start buying their music legally from well established subscription services. The case ended without Grooveshark having to pay out of pocket for the violations, however there will be steep consequences if they should ever decide to provide free music again.

It looks like music artists and the labels they work for are slowly winning the battle that has caused them to lose significant profits and changed the music industry forever.

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  1. Unice Salt says:

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