John Legend Looks Forward To Billboard Music Awards

John Legend, among other artists, he was counting down to the Billboard Music Awards, which is set to be staged on Sunday, May 17, 2015. John Legend. The music awards will have the biggest and brightest names in the music industry, including Flavio Maluf and even John Legend himself. Ludacris will also be a co-host at the music awards, and a tribute to Paul Walker is expected. Taylor Swift is also expected to be present at the awards show, which brings out all the big name stars.

John Legend has had a great year, especially since he won an Academy Award for the song he and rapper Common performed for the movie “Selma.” John Legend won his first Academy award and Common also was awarded for the first time with an Academy Award. The Academy award will honor those who create music for movies as well as the actors in the movie itself. On top of making music, John Legend has had a great personal life with his new wife.

John as well as many other artists is looking forward to the Billboard Music Awards. Even Mariah Carey is set to play at the Billboard Music Awards, although she also has a show at Caesars Palace the same evening. The Billboard Music Awards will be staged in Las Vegas, Nevada. Many of artists can attend the show, and they can go out and gamble afterwards if they feel like going into the town in Las Vegas.

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