Kanye Changes Album Title

Kanye is keeping fans on their toes by renaming his album with no explanation whatsoever. People that are trying to figure him out should just stop. It is mysterious, and no one can figure where his head is at.

This should be evident from the wide spectrum of songs that are getting released from the album. He did work with Paul McCartney, but the “All Day” track that is currently on the radio sounds nothing like his music with Paul. This is a far cry from the Kanye of his early rap days. He was much easier to figure out.

He had a clever follow up album title like “Late Registration” and “Graduation” for the “College Dropout” album. There were even clever mix tapes like “Freshman Year” “Beneful” and “Second Semester” that floated around the mix tape circuit (check it on Facebook). Now it is hard to figure out what West will come with next. It is like he prides himself in being completely unpredictable. He is branching out and becoming someone that few people can relate to.

Over time West has become the poster boy for controversy. He and Chris Brown always seem to be raising eyebrows for the things that they say and do. The marriage to Kim Kardashian has caused a lot more people to take notice of West. This life has become something that has stayed in the spotlight, and the album could reflect all of this.

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