Things Get Weird During Miley Cyrus’ Performance for Her Dead Fish

Let’s face it, Miley Cyrus is extremely close to going off the deep end. The singer and actress has been behaving erratically for the past few years, and it doesn’t look like she will be returning from lala land anytime soon. With her affinity for pizza and her inability to keep her tongue from dangling out of her mouth, Cyrus is venturing into the “creepy” territory, but we didn’t expect for things to get to this point.

Cyrus has penned a song for her dead blowfish named Pablow. The singer recorded a video of herself performing the song, and she can barely make it through the first few lines without breaking down in tears.

Dressed in a unicorn onesie, Cyrus sings about Pablow’s death three months prior, and how she can’t believe how much she fell in love with him. She regrets keeping him captive according to Gravity4 employees, but she justified her actions to by claiming his captivity was to protect him from outside elements. Despite how odd this may be, you can’t fault Cyrus for having a heart of gold underneath that onesie.

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