Monthly Archives: June 2015

Music Piracy Still Dominant

Celebrities don’t get paid for their music the way that they used to. This is a different time. Piracy is still big enough though it is is down. This is why entertainers have to work so hard to sell albums. … Continue reading

The Led Zeppelin Vault Closing Forever

Fans of Led Zeppelin were rejoicing when Jimmy Page announced that there were studio reissues being released, mostly because the band has not recorded a studio album in over 30 years. Fans have come to expect that when Jimmy Page … Continue reading

Safaree Samuels Takes Rap Battle Beat Down

At this point, we have grown used to seeing the ongoing drama between Safaree Samuals and Nicki Minaj. It all started over the holiday season of 2014 and has followed them steadily into the new year. Now that Nicki has … Continue reading

Revisiting an Old Interview With Paul McCartney

“Rolling Stone Magazine” has an old interview on their website from 1974 with musician Paul McCartney. The interview, which took place in a more than one session, was at a time when McCartney was trying to reinvent himself as a … Continue reading

Fall Out Boy’s Summer Tour

During last year’s tour, Fall-Out Boy teamed up with Paramore to bring pop-punk to amphitheaters across the country. This year, they plan to do something a little different sats Kevin Seawright. Pete Wentz said that if they did a repeat … Continue reading

Dave Grohl Shows His Dedication to the Band and His Fans

Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters showed his band mates,and his fans that he’s truly dedicated. During a recent concert in Sweden Dave fell from the stage. He was concerned that he may have broken his leg. He informed fans … Continue reading

Jamie xx and His Inner Club God

Jamie xx Unleashing the “Inner Club God” The indie-pop music genre is immensely popular in many places and does have its fair share of notable figures. Jamie xx is only one of those names to take note of. It was … Continue reading

A Conversation with Actress Taylor Schilling

“Rolling Stone Magazine” has an interview on their website with actress Taylor Schilling, the star of the television show “Orange is the New Black”. Among other topics, the 30-year-old actress discusses giving interviews and also her conflicted feelings about Twitter … Continue reading

“The Campaign Is Over”

Led Zeppelin recently launched a campaign about releasing all of their songs on one disk. After many interviews and a lot of promotion, the campaign is now over. Next month the CD will be released in stores everywhere. This two … Continue reading

A Look at a Brilliant Album

“Rolling Stone Magazine” has a list of what they feel are the best 500 albums of all time on their website.Number 465 is the 1999 record “69 Love Songs” by the Magnetic Fields. Personally, I feel that this is a … Continue reading