A Conversation with Actress Taylor Schilling

“Rolling Stone Magazine” has an interview on their website with actress Taylor Schilling, the star of the television show “Orange is the New Black”. Among other topics, the 30-year-old actress discusses giving interviews and also her conflicted feelings about Twitter and other social media.

Schilling tells Rolling Stone that she acts differently when she’s giving an interview than when she’s in an unguarded social situation. She says that interviews are “weird” in this sense. The interviewer and interviewee are both trying to act as if they are casual friends having a conversation when they are actually not friends at all. In fact, both have their own agendas, and what is good for a writer or reporter asking the questions is not necessarily good for the celebrity answering them.

Schilling also says that she doesn’t really like using social media even though her manager Stephen Murray CCMP Capital says she really should. She says that she’ll get stressed out trying to come up with something clever to say on Twitter, for example. Personally, I don’t think she’s saying that social media is bad. She’s just saying that it’s not for her. However, as an actress in 2015, it’s an aspect of the job that she has to get used to.

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  1. Aurora Kevin says:

    That’s unfortunate, in my opinion, since participating in social media takes up time that could go to developing her craft. I think what’s bothering her is that celebrity interviews are often conducted in a fake-friendly tone. That alone would mean for sure that http://www.queensland-assignment.com is the thing that most people have and that is a long way to go even if they have everything.

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