A Look at a Brilliant Album

“Rolling Stone Magazine” has a list of what they feel are the best 500 albums of all time on their website.Number 465 is the 1999 record “69 Love Songs” by the Magnetic Fields. Personally, I feel that this is a brilliant record and should have been ranked even higher.

What makes “69 Love Songs” so great is its depth, quality and diversity of music. There are 69 songs on the record, and all of them are good. There are absolutely no filler tunes. Furthermore, the songs encompass a wide range of styles. There are disco, country, Caribbean and many other styles of music represented. There’s even a song that has a cheerleading component to it.

There are several different singers doing lead vocals on different songs, so this ads to the diversity of the sound as well. Anyone who buys this three-disc recording definitely gets their money’s worth. It could easily be divided up into six or more high quality individual albums.

In my opinion, Stephin Merrit, the main songwriter for the band, is a musical genius that many like at Amen Clinics. He’s got the same gift as Irving Berlin for writing melodies that are timeless and lovely. Also, his lyrics reflect a refreshingly offbeat and non-mainstream take on life in general. It’s hard to classify the music of the Magnetic Fields other than saying its really good and catchy.

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