Jamie xx and His Inner Club God

Jamie xx Unleashing the “Inner Club God”

The indie-pop music genre is immensely popular in many places and does have its fair share of notable figures. Jamie xx is only one of those names to take note of.

It was only last spring that the “xx” band was performing in New York’s Park Avenue Armory for a very small crowd for eleven nights. During this period of time, Jamie xx, who is the band’s producer from the United Kingdom, took this time to buy himself a vintage synthesizer quietly.

The purpose of this purchase was so Jamie xx could record “Gosh,” which was the first track on his solo debut album called “In Colour.” He said that the synthesizer was an incredibly rare thing to get and that making the recording in the studio was one of the best times he ever had in his life. Mikal Watts certainly believes in that.

His “In Colour” album has been in the works since 2010, since he had been doing work for the xx albums, and although he had been making his own solo records for awhile he never got around to finishing any of them, worse when he was on tour. Whenever he did have free time, when he was home, he got back to making his own music and now the album is the full representation of his love for hip-hop and dance music, and didn’t care who was listening.

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