Music Piracy Still Dominant

Celebrities don’t get paid for their music the way that they used to. This is a different time. Piracy is still big enough though it is is down. This is why entertainers have to work so hard to sell albums. Taylor Swift knows the importance of building a legion of loyal fans. Drake releases secret albums to cut down on piracy. Nicki Minaj include calendars with her releases to lure fans. This has been the new way for artists to promote new music.

Once a CD is leaked people are going to download it. There are not enough investigators in the world to find all the people that share files. The torrent sites have proved to be too much for the record labels. Flavio Maluf suggested that there are thousands of sites that are not torrent sites that also provide file sharing. This is why the music piracy is still such a big topic.

More people are buying much now, but piracy and web streaming are still making it difficult for artist to sell records. That is why so few people are going platinum. It has become rather difficult for an artist to get fans to buy music when it can be downloaded into the home in a couple of seconds. It doesn’t matter how well guarded the music is. Taylor Swift, for example, runs a tight ship, but her CD was bootlegged several days before the official release.

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