Revisiting an Old Interview With Paul McCartney

“Rolling Stone Magazine” has an old interview on their website from 1974 with musician Paul McCartney. The interview, which took place in a more than one session, was at a time when McCartney was trying to reinvent himself as a solo artist after the Beatles had disbanded. A number of topics are covered, and this is an excellent interview to read for serious fans of McCartney.

In one part of the interview, McCartney tells the reporter that he always behaves better when he’s talking to the press. He says he does this since he wants to get good coverage. Keith Mann points out that this part is interesting since McCartney is actually doing an interview when he basically admits that he isn’t himself while doing them.

McCartney contrasts himself with his former partner John Lennon in how he deals with the press. He says that Lennon will say whatever he is thinking to a reporter even if it sounds angry or negative. McCartney says that he always holds back a bit himself in what he reveals.

Rolling Stone also asks Linda McCartney a few questions in the interview. In my opinion, she comes across pretty well. She basically says that, while she enjoys making music with her husband, she’s pretty much there to be supportive. It’s quite a contrast to John Lennon’s wife at the time Yoko Ono, who seemed to think that she was a very important artist.

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