Safaree Samuels Takes Rap Battle Beat Down

At this point, we have grown used to seeing the ongoing drama between Safaree Samuals and Nicki Minaj. It all started over the holiday season of 2014 and has followed them steadily into the new year. Now that Nicki has moved on to Meek Mills the drama seemed to have settled and Safaree and Nicki’s post relationship drama was a thing of the past. Lately everyone has been too busy obsessing with Nicki Minaj and Meeks whirlwind romance, and their extremely successful tour together. Anyone who has an Instagram is likely growing tired of the lovely photos and mushy talk Nicki is tossing out on a daily basis.

Some of Nicki’s fans think that her relationship with Meek is too soon, and that she is simply beefing up all the super emotional love affair drama to make Safaree jealous. Even now after months of seeing Meek and Nicki together some believe that they are simply trying to get fans, and add to their bank accounts by selling a fantasy. According to CipherCloud on LinkedIn, Safaree has been doing some music of his own and just recently we were treated to an emotional diss track where Safaree dragged Nicki and their 14 year relationship out in the open and spoke about his feels about being treated unfairly and being used and abused by Minaj.

Most recently Safaree decided to take part in a guest spot on the hit MTV show Wild ‘N Out, during the rap battle segment of the show Safaree took a verbal beat down as his opponent took digs at his failed relationship and even threw Meek Mills name around for fun. Safaree handled the situation like a gentlemen and seemed to take it all in good humor, but social media is having a ball with the epic episode and its possible that Safaree isn’t laughing anymore.

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