“The Campaign Is Over”

Led Zeppelin recently launched a campaign about releasing all of their songs on one disk. After many interviews and a lot of promotion, the campaign is now over. Next month the CD will be released in stores everywhere. This two disc CD will feature all of their songs. This will include all of their songs. This even means songs that have never been heard before, as well as there most loved hits.

This two disk set will also include interviews with some of the band members according to what Adam Sender has read. These interviews have never been heard before, and they pertain to questions people have had about the band for years.

Led Zeppelin is very happy they are releasing the two disk set. This is something they have been looking forward to for a long time. They are also happy they were able to include various pictures and posters in this set. These are the most famous pictures and posters from the band.

The band is also happy that fans will get to hear songs that were never released to the public. This makes the band feel like they have truly accomplished something. This has also made the band proud of acheiving their goals.

Fans everywhere cannot wait for this two disk edition of Led Zeppelin to be released to the public. Sources have said that people will be sleeping in front of stores the day before the release, so they are guaranteed a copy.

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