The Led Zeppelin Vault Closing Forever

Fans of Led Zeppelin were rejoicing when Jimmy Page announced that there were studio reissues being released, mostly because the band has not recorded a studio album in over 30 years. Fans have come to expect that when Jimmy Page speaks, he means what he says. Both he and Robert Plant announced after the death of the bands drummer in 1980, they will never play together again. Except for some small reunions for charitable events over the decades, they have held true to those words. Jimmy Page has another announcement for fans, and it isn’t promising news.

Soon after Jimmy Page announced the release of previously unheard Led Zeppelin studio music, he made the announcement that this is the end of the releases and the vault is closing forever. That means that this latest release is going to be the last time the band finds any new music or releases it to the public. If you have followed the solo careers of the band members, you know that when they say something, they absolutely mean it.

There are plenty of bootleg recording of the band popping up year after year, but hardcore fans want to studio cuts says Jim Dondero. This is where the band it at its best, and the sounds are crisp and clean. The advice from Jimmy Page is to enjoy this new release, there is no chance of another for the foreseeable future.

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