The Rise of Jamie Garcia Dais and Other Authors in Brazil

Becoming a great writer and author is a journey that requires one to put a lot of effort and hard work. There are also factors that lead one to becoming a writer such as parent’s or siblings influence and also early introduction into writing while one is in school. Becoming excellent in the filed however requires one to put personal input such as research which involves a lot of reading. Brazil has produced the best when it comes to writers and authors of poems, books as well as journals. Writing has become part of life as it is through this that people get to know about the past. It is the oldest form of communication that people have come to appreciate and practice even today.

Jamie Garcia Dias (YouTube) is one such writer whose skills have seen him receive the prestigious ABC Award of Brazil Fictional Literature among other awards. This is the award that every writer in Brazil hopes to get during his or her time as a writer. He was born in the city of Rio de Janeiro 45 years ago. His journey to becoming the best in the field of literature started when he was as young as 15 years. His father Arnaldo Dias being a writer inspires Jamie to start writing from that young age. This is due to the fact that he was exposed to books which his father used to read and write. When he enrolled for university studies at Rio de Janeiro in 1993 to study letters,he also started teaching literature to teenagers at Carioca Literature Academy for five years. His love for literature inspired his appointment as the vice-president of the academy in 1997 and in 2007 he was named the president of the institution. He has grown the institution to become the best known literature school in Brazil. It has become a place where young writers are mentored in their preparation to become future writers. In 2013, he released a publication known as chronic wise in honor of his father.

Apart from Jaime (Pinterest) , Brazil has produced other well-known writers in different areas of writings such as poetry, novels, journal among other publications. This has been inspired by the rich history that defines Brazil. Many writers have therefore come forward to write about the past of Brazil as well as the present which will be past in years to come.

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