Town Residential Brokerage Firm

Town Residential is a Brokerage Company that deals with the higher-end NYC real estate deals has their main office located in New York. They currently have over seventy million dollars in sales listings that are listed exclusively with them. Andrew Heiberger started the company five years ago and has been holding the position of Chief Executive Officer. The Brokerage Firm Thomas & Ingram which handled deals in the West Village area, moved into Town Residential’s new office space in 2013 and joined their company. They also had another of their offices that worked out of the West Village area join them into their new office space.

Their new office space is located in the main area of the complex’s entrance and is in the area of a very prestigious residential area. They were able to get the prime office space over other companies because the owner of the complex is Thor Equities, the company that became a partner with and has an investment agreement with Town Residential. They are one of the largest investment firms in real estate and development there are in the United States. Thor Equities owns retail, office space, residential, and hotel properties which totals over twelve million sq. ft. and is worth over five billion dollars. The company now has ten locations in Manhattan and a new office in Brooklyn, all of which are located in New York including their corporate offices near the Union Square area and another location in the Greenwich Village area. Town Residential already has three hundred and fifty six million dollars in listings that are exclusive to them in Brooklyn so it only makes sense to open a new office there.

As 2015 began, Town Residential became a part of a new partnership with Fortune International Group. They are a large development and brokerage company that sold over four billion dollars in asset property in 2014. Town Residential didn’t do too badly in 2014 either doing over two billion dollars in sales last year themselves. Fortune International Group has over a thousand licensed agents in Florida that will be getting licensed in New York as well. Both companies will have satellite offices with the other company’s offices and they will be sharing social media advertising, marketing, and communications. Town Residential is said to have about three billion dollars’ worth of new projects in development coming up and have a new branding campaign to market Town Residential coming up for the next year. Fortune International Group is a very big brokerage firm in Miami. They handle over thirty-five percent of the city’s luxury development and real estate. Both companies will be working with the other to extend into each other’s areas to expand into both markets. Town Residential is getting ready to expand into the Ft. Lauderdale area in residential areas of Sunny Isles which is part of the Ritz Carlton and the beach residences of Auberge Spa.

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