Bruce Levenson Is The Renaissance Man Of Former NBA Owners

Bruce Levenson recently sold the Atlanta Hawks to an Atlanta investment group for $850 million, but Bruce was much more than an NBA owner before he joined an ownership group that bought the team. This article on looks into Bruce’s background as an astute business man, advocate for Jewish empowerment and renaissance man. Bruce Levenson is a unique business manager in the world of the NBA, but his knowledge goes beyond what an NBA team requires of him.

#1: The Founding Of UCG

Bruce started his business career by founding the United Communications Group in 1977 with his business partner. UCG is an acquisition firm that works with and purchases communications companies around the world. The business started in a small office, but it has grown to include a number of large communications organizations. Bruce was once a reporter for the Washington Star and Observer Publishing. His days as a writer showed him what not to do in the business world, and he still stands at the backbone of his company to this day.

#2: Technology

Bruce served as a director of when the company first started up, and he has helped many other companies by serving on their boards of directors. The NBA is not a technology company, but Bruce served on the Board of Governors of the NBA while he owned the Hawks, and his committees pushed through many initiatives that helped the NBA become the media giant that it is today. Basketball is the second-most popular sport in America, and much of that improvement happened under Bruce’s watch.

#3: Philanthropy

Bruce has supported a number of philanthropic projects with his own money, and his wife works alongside him in many of these endeavors. Bruce has served as part of the board for the I Have A Dream Foundation, worked with local Jewish community organizations and contributed to the initial funding of the National Holocaust Museum. Bruce is not the most public of personalities, but his money goes to many worthy causes at once. His support of charities has long been his trademark, and he has never left his roots behind.

#4: A Grounded Person

Bruce Levenson is a grounded individual who has not forgotten his Jewish upbringing or the company he founded almost 40 years ago. This kind of grounding makes for a casual management style that allows people to do their jobs well. Bruce allowed Steve Koonin to run the Atlanta Hawks, and Steve’s sports aptitude helped make the Hawks one of the best franchises in basketball. Bruce allowed the Atlanta Thrashers to go back to a more friendly market in Winnipeg, and he has advocated for upgrades to Philips Arena for the Hawks. Mr. Levenson thinks of everyone before himself as he manages his responsibilities.

Bruce Levenson is a true renaissance man whose many interests cannot be listed in a single article. He has guided many successful businesses, and he gives of his time and money freely. One might consider Bruce Levenson to be one of the last understated captains of industry in America.

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