Joseph Bismark Shares His Tools of Success in Wellness and Health

In the latest issue of asPire Magazine, Joseph Bismark shares more about his health and wellness tools. Bismark is the founding director of a company known as QI Group. The QI Group of Companies consists of a variety of businesses that form a multinational conglomerate with regional offices based in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.

QI Group has six business lines, which include lifestyle and leisure, telecommunication, training and conference, luxury and collectibles, property management and development, as well as retail and direct sales. In the recent times, this group of companies ventured into education where it established a University in the Perak state of Malaysia.

According to an article featured in Reuters, it mentioned that in the asPire Magazine issue, Bismark shared his wellness and general health tools including his vegetarian diet, workout regime, literature and information, as well as apps that can help individuals promote their wellness and be able to sustain a healthy lifestyle. These are tools that he has used to promote his healthy lifestyle.

Bismark noted that he is a staunch advocate of having holistic health and wellness. He further added that he walks his talk and works out by doing yoga poses, swimming and cycling. Bismark said he incorporates workouts such as rip:60 and kettlebells in his weekly workouts since they help step up his strength and flexibility.

Not only that, he happily pointed out that he uses the app MapMyRide when he is cycling as part of his workout regime. People are today using apps to manage their workout programs. Mobile device apps can track fitness activities and provide crucial data and information, which helps exercisers, know the progress they are making.

The app tracks activities with training logs that can record the distance, pace, duration, elevation, and more importantly, the calories you burn. Bismark appreciates that Yoga is a way of life he embraces. He not only lives Yoga but also teaches it. Bismark has also found another app SoundCloud to be a great tool he uses to upload and share his bhanjans and mantra chants. He said that activities keep people fit; but they can help conquer fear and self-doubts in individuals and help them achieve the best of themselves.

Bismark’s company QI Group is constantly evolving, and it has invested in other sectors such as hospitality in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Philippines, Turkey, and South Africa. It operates a range of resorts, spa, and boutique hotels. This group of companies is also a member of Commonwealth Business Council and World Economic Forum.

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