MJ Impersonator MJ Impersonator Sergio Cortes Keeps the Magic Alive

When people saw Michael Jackson perform on stage it was like something of a magical experience. When he passed away a huge void was left in the entertainment community. There were a lot of people that wondered who would moonwalk and get people screaming the way that Jackson once did. The not so obvious answer would be Sergio Cortes. He is the MJ impersonator that has taken the world by storm. A large part of his magic comes from the fact that he is not just an impersonator. It’s not a part time job that he does for a quick buck. To the contrary, he is a full time Michael Jackson replica that goes on tour. This is huge. He is taking MJ tributes to the next level, and fans are excited about this.

One reason that he is able to do this so successfully has to do with the fact that he has went down to the wire. He looks like Michael Jackson naturally, but he adds some special touches to complete the process. He has the hair like MJ. He gets dressed up in the MJ attire for different numbers on stage. Most people would be hard pressed to tell the difference between Sergio Cortes and Michael Jackson when they see videos of Cortes. This is what has made some female fans swoon when they see him. Fans of Jackson know that he is deceased, but looking at Cortes plays tricks on the mind. He looks so much like Michael Jackson that it is uncanny.

At the end of the day there are a lot of other performers that are capable of putting on a Michael Jackson tribute show. There are tons of people that love his music, and many just want to bring joy to MJ fans. There are special people like Sergio Cortes that have studied though. He has studied the moves of Jackson since he was a child. This has given Sergio a sort a special connection to the impersonation world. He is a thrilling man to watch on stage. His studying has paid off because he has this type of persona that is different from anyone else that is doing impersonations now. He brings back the MJ magic that fans all of the world of slowing beginning to take notice of. He is the impersonator that others have to recognize and bow down to.

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