Slyce’s Introduces New Technology That Enables Consumers to Buy Using Their Mobile Phones

Technology is slowly changing the retail market. Consumers can now make purchases from their mobile phones. They are also using the same devices to take pictures of things they like and to share them with friends on social media. Slyce is a company that has come up with product recognition technology available on that utilizes these two unique opportunities. It has come up with an app that enables consumers to take photos of a thing they like, and to find the same or similar thing from the retailer’s online stores. The technology is able to compare the object with a database of products existing in the retailer’s stores.

Slyce is working with retailers in what is called white-label solution. You will not necessarily be able to see the Slyce app; the technology will be integrated into the apps and websites of the retailers. The company is already working with some of the best retailers in the U.S.

To the consumers, this is a new and a wonderful opportunity. Whether they are just walking about or looking through a list of images on social sites, they can be able to find things they love and buy them instantly. If a shirt worn by a friend looks good for example, they can find and buy the same or similar shirt from a specific retailer.

Slyce’s technology is similar to Amazon Flow. Just like slyce, the Amazon flow allows customers to take pictures of things they like using their mobile phones and immediately find the Amazon Listing. What makes Slyce different from Amazon Flow is the ability of the technology to identify products in whatever form. For Amazon Flow to identify the product, it has to be in its original package. This limits the consumers to items found only in Stores. The technology Slyce offers enables consumers to identify products anywhere. It doesn’t matter whether the item is packaged or not.

The technology works by identifying the type and properties of the product. If the picture is of a shirt, it will look for specific things like the color, print, shape of the collar etc. The system then compares this with products in the specific retailer’s database. Consumers will not only get perfect matches but also products that are most similar to the specific item.

This new technology will have several advantages to the retailers. Other than driving sales, it will also provide a new way of connecting the retailers to customers: The retailer will get the consumer when they are in instant need of buying the products. Also, the retailer gets to know what the consumers are generally interested in. Slyce is a start-up company that is really growing fast. It is set to revolutionize the whole retail space.

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