Beneful Dog Food Makes it Easy

One of the more cumbersome tasks of pet ownership is choosing dog food that’s appropriate for your pet’s lifestyle. With so many brands on the market, it’s easy to become confused. For example, consider Beneful dog food. Purina offers several formulas like Beneful Original dry food, Beneful Playful Life, Healthy Radiance, Healthy Growth, Healthy Weight, and several more options. After a while you just stand in the aisle staring, pondering which bag of dog food you really need. No, it’s not rocket science but there is a thought process to choosing the most appropriate dog food.

Dog food is somewhat of a pet insurance policy for good health. Like humans, they go through different stages in life, and require various standards of feeding. A lively puppy requires food that provides much more energy than a quiet senior does, and an obese dog would benefit from a healthy weight formula. Narrowing down your pet’s stage of life is the first step in selecting appropriate dog food. Puppy food is the foundation for longevity. Choose the wrong dog food and your pet could become nutritionally deficient, which could produce serious health problems later. Feeding errors can be particularly fatal at this age, therefore it’s particularly important to pay attention to quality. Once you cross that bridge, you’ll need to determine if your pet has any special needs.

Dog Nutrition for Individual Needs

There are several other elements to consider that can influence your choice of pet food, like circumstances that affect certain breeds, allergies, and even increased supplemental needs. These characteristics can require a different diet than the average family dog enjoys. For example, Mastiffs are prone to degenerative joint problems and demodectic mange, and therefore, dog food that contains certain supplements to boost immunity is beneficial to that breed. The same rings true with Labradors. They suffer from several allergies, and can benefit from dog food that contains specific supplements.

So which dog food should you choose? Since Beneful dog food was initially spotlighted as an example, let’s stick with the brand.

Purina has remained in the top five of dog foods for over a decade. Currently, Beneful dog food selections are in the top third choice of pet foods, and one of the reasons is due to their stage-life formulas. For dogs that require a dose of supplementary nutrients, Beneful Original could be an asset because of the antioxidant-rich formula. And for breeds that are susceptible to skin allergies, the supplements in Beneful Healthy Radiance can help control inflammation and boost immunity, not to mention the Salmon in the Healthy Radiance selection supplies a good dose of omega3 and omega6 fatty acids, which helps to relieve a variety of skin conditions.

As you can see, the right dog food can make all the difference in a happy, healthy pet, not to mention a long life. It’s not difficult to decide which food offers the best nutrition for your pet, but it does require a bit more insight into what your dog really needs.

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