Shaygan Kheradpir Leading by Example

In 2014, Juniper Networks hired Shaygan Kheradpir as the CEO of the company. He finds the job familiar and the environment conducive to produce more profits for the firm. The staffs are easy to relate with, and the company has already established some customers who are enough to increase the income of the organization. The orientation Shaygan Kheradpir received helped him learn about the operations of the company making it easy for him to understand all the activities that take place in his new place of work. His marketing skills made it even easier for him to understand the customer behavior.

He introduced a new method of keeping in touch with the customers. Buyers like to feel appreciated, and they will keep coming back once they receive quality services. Shaygan introduced his stamp as a way of getting close to the consumers. The changes in the market have forced companies to adopt and he insists on training his staffs on the value of a buyer. Staffs now treat the customers differently depending on their hostility. Coming up with a long-term technique of retaining the clients is difficult because their preference keeps on changing. Shaygan believes that the customers determine the future of this entity.

The Juniper CEO has worked in other companies where he gained his managerial skills. He has the abilities to plan, organize, staffing, directing, and mobilizing resources. From his previous job, he learns of the different communication mechanism used at the various levels of management. The two main companies that had employed him were big organizations with branches in different parts of the world. This gave him the ability to serve many and different customers. Shaygan likes the kind of employees he finds here, as they are industrious and experienced and believes they will form a great team.

Kheradpir advocates that the company set one goal of ensuring their customers get what they ordered. His mission is to reduce the bridge between the customers and the company. This company needs the customers for its survival. Two after he was hired he came up with new procedures and methods that will assist in reducing the gap between the firm and its market. Everyone in the market will have knowledge about the products offered by Juniper soon, as the firm is embarking on ways to create awareness by promoting the company using the various promotion methods.

Advertising the products is the main method that he wants to use to train the clients. He wants to do away with the traditional ways of categorizing the market segments. At the past, clients were more quantity conscious, unlike today where they are quality conscious and are willing to pay any price to get goods customized to meet their taste. Juniper will invest in educating its clients about the characteristics of their output and guiding them to purchase goods that will meet their demands. An educated client will be in a better position to make a sound judgment about a product. His focus on customers will help the company be in a better position than its competitors. Training the executives helps to raise the morale of all workers.

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