The Head-Turning World of Lime Crime

Not every girl is keen to buy from your standard beauty brands. You know them–the brands that have been in the business for decades, marketing to the every woman. But fear not, because brands are emerging in this vegan, colorful age that have just as much fire in their bellies as you do.

Point blank: beauty shouldn’t be boring, and no one knows that better than Lime Crime. They’re a cosmetics line leading the pack in individuality, with everything you need for your eyes, lips, and nails. Because who doesn’t want to rock glowstick orange lipstick once in a while? Or slick on some nail polish called Pastelchio?

It’s the stand-out beauty brand for every girl who has some spunk and pizzazz. It’s for the Courtney Love babes, alternative queens, and anyone else just looking for something different. As if makeup wasn’t enough, Lime Crime is gearing up to pack another punch: hair dye. Just so the mermaids at heart can flaunt their muticolored locks just like they were meant to. (There’s an email sign-up on their website so you can be the first to know when their hair dye line drops.)

And because Lime Crime on knows we care about the plight of animals used for experimentation, they are completely cruelty-free and vegan. They carry the all-important Leaping Bunny logo on their products, meaning that there’s no animal testing at any point in the production of their products. Yes, that means you can shop for glosses, Venus: The Grunge Palette, and nail polish until you bleed the bank, all without the guilty conscience. Ditch the buyer’s remorse while you’re at it, because this stuff is too good to pass up.

Lime Crime’s “Shop the Look” section of their website will help inspire your look, while they also have a blog that touches on everything from Kate Moss, to Beetlejuice, to Spice Girls. Talk about a delightfully dizzying array of interests! They’re a whole Tumblr feed of their very own.

Clearly there’s so much more to Lime Crime than just selling some makeup. They share the same concerns, love the same cult classics, and listen to the same music you listened to in the ’90s. They’re a community of show-stopping characters, with a stellar founder and CEO, Doe Deere, that encourages everyone not to “quit their daydream.” I would listen to her on that one: she built this company with a few hundred dollars, and a whole lot of dreams. There’s some inspiration for you!

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